A Passion for Souls – Inside Story

Razzak stopped at the door of the Christian church in Kolkota (Calcutta), India. Ever since he was a child he had wondered about Jesus. The door was open, and being curious, he walked inside.

The pastor greeted him and told him more about Jesus and introduced him to the plan of salvation. Razzak left the church feeling a sense of peace; somehow he knew that the Christians’ God was real.

He found a Christian church closer to his home and began attending services every day. Within a few months he was baptized. Razzak started preaching and led many people to Christ. But when his infant nephew died, the child’s parents were refused burial space in the community cemetery because Razzak was a Christian.

Razzak wept to God about this problem. When people from another village learned that the religious leaders had refused to bury the child, they offered to bury him in their cemetery. Razzak praised God for solving the family’s dilemma. During the funeral, Razzak read from the Bible and preached to the people. Later Razzak asked God to send him as a missionary to the very people who had refused to bury his nephew.

He studied for a year to prepare himself to preach to these people. Then he worked with another man who had more experience leading these people to Christ, and together they led some one thousand families to Christ in less than ten years.

One day at the railway station Razzak met a man who introduced himself as a Seventh-day Adventist. “I, too, am a Christian,” the man said. “And I want you to know what we believe.” The man, Solomon, began explaining what Adventists believe and showed Razzak Bible texts to back it up.

Razzak listened as Solomon explained the Sabbath truth to him. He was convinced and began studying his own Bible more carefully. Within a few months, he was baptized. Razzak quit his work with the Protestant pastor and became a lay evangelist in the heart of Kolkota, one of the largest cities in the world.

In less than three years, God blessed him with more than seventy converts in an area where it takes great effort to lead a person to Christ. He worships with the new believers in one of four house churches because the believers have no church home.

In India people believe that if a religious organization can’t provide a house of worship, they’re not serious about their faith.

Your mission offerings help support outreach such as Razzak’s in India. And part of a recent Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help build at least one church in Kolkota, India. Thank you.

RAZZAK KHAN shares his faith in the suburbs of Kolkota, India.
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  1. This testimony shows us how important it is to share our faith and beliefs with others. We also need to have an open heart of love that is a reflection of our relationship with God.


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