Tuesday: Perception and Reality

There is a gap between what Laodicea says and does.

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

There is an even greater gap between the spiritual experience that Laodicea thinks she has and what she actually does have .

Read Revelation 3:17. What is Laodicea’s evaluation of herself? What is our Lord’s assessment of her? How do you think a people could be so blinded to their true spiritual condition? In what ways might we be blind regarding our own spiritual condition?

One of Satan’s fatal deceptions is to blind us to the reality of our spiritual needs. Some of the religious leaders of Jesus’ day were blind to their own spiritual poverty. They were Bible-reading, Sabbath-keeping, tithe-paying “church” members looking for the coming of the Messiah. Yet, many were in darkness regarding the type of spiritual kingdom that He would usher in. Jesus called them “blind guides” (Matt. 23:24). Paul writes to the church at Corinth about those “whose minds the god of this age has blinded” (2 Cor. 4:4, NKJV). This is why Jesus said that He came for the “‘recovery of sight to the blind’” (Luke 4:18, NKJV). Jesus will restore the spiritual eyesight that we have lost if we allow Him. Every time that Jesus opened blind eyes in the New Testament, He was revealing His desire to open the eyes of our minds in order to enable us to see Him clearly.

Read Matthew 25:1-13. What are the similarities between the foolish virgins and the members of the church at Laodicea?

What ways have you found to keep spiritually alert? Why do you think it is so easy to become spiritually indifferent? What are some ways to counteract religious apathy?

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Tuesday: Perception and Reality — 19 Comments

  1. In Matthew 25.1-13 we see foolish to have much confidence.
    They go first, looking for fast coming of bridegroom and second with faith in oil reservs to indure.
    They I say even look good and hapy while going. But hapiness melt when He did not come fast. They think to the last moment that oil will endure.
    Then they lost faith! They go to by more. Their aditude proven not to be faith but feelings.

  2. Many are the times that we regard ourselves to be perfect,we focus on one commandment that we keep better though not perfectly as well,as such we forget observing other commandments,all this happen when we use our human efforts to please the lord and not ask for his guidance in our spiritual lives

  3. We think that we are in need of nothing... We have the truth... Yes we do study, but what is missing is application. I believe that being in possession of the truth is all that we need, however application makes a huge difference. As Laodiceans, we have put more emphasis on being in possession of truth than applying it. How do we connect that bridge before our minds become sierred like a hot iron? By forcing ourselves to become involved in daily confession everyday and laying our all on the altar. How does one recognize that, by having a true friend who is willing to point out our shortcomings. Accountability to one another.

    • Hi Karen, I concur when it comes to theory we are loaded and it makes us feel good but What about the applications? when it comes to that we fail badly. So it's time we practiced the religion of Jesus and not man's tradition. We need the indwelling of His Spirit.
      Thank you for sharing!

      • Hi Chantal and Karen,
        I to wish to agree with both of you. We measure ourselves with ourselves but we need to follow our commander and chief and live like Jesus each day for the Kingdom above and pleasing our Heavenly Father. The application our elder brother demonstrated was love in action for all persons no discrimination but acceptance no rather and preferring but equality and equity. God Bless

  4. Today's lesson teaches about the importance of each one having an individual experience with Christ for ourselves. We ought to be more like to wise virgins who took the time to purchase additional oil in order to be prepared for the coming of the bridegroom.

  5. The only way to counteract spiritual apathy is to daily study God's word and pray asking for a daily infilling of the Holy Spirit and then share Christ with others. To not do this we lose sight of our true purpose; we become indifferent to our fellow men, no true love exists; we could care less of those who are not familiar or family to us, simply going through the motions of ritual religious rites. Empty tombs.

  6. By their fruits we will be known. We must always allow the holy spirit to work on us because is not by our might but by the power of the Lopd Almighty.

  7. This issue of having enough oil is a personal one. Otherwise one might tend to wonder why the wise virgins refused to share their oil. Were they being selfish? Or not! What this tells me is that the matter of salvation cannot be taken lightly, I cannot depend on my neighbor, colleagues or even my pastor to be ready for me. I myself have a work of preparation to do if I'm going to meet my Master. I need to have oil for myself. Only Jesus can help me now to get oil and not at the midnight cry.

  8. [Moderator Note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

    Both the church of Laodecia and the 10 foolish virgins felt as if they had everything they needed and were not aware of what was to come, they were blinded because they felt as if they had taken care (met) their own needs.
    They had no real sense of their wretched state.

  9. Very likely, most of us reading the description of Laodicea consider ourselves to be a bit of an exception -- certainly not quite as bad as Laodicea is described.

    I can write that with some certainty of being correct because that's human nature, backed by some research to which Lilliane Lopez refers in her post, "Mirror, Mirror!" Check it out, and you'll see what I mean.

    In view of what Lilliane shares and what Jeremiah shares (Jeremiah 17:9), perhaps we had best believe that Laodicea describes us ... that is me!

  10. Spiritually,most of us are blind.Satan has made us disregards some measures God has given us.Therefore we must be eyesight and be vigillant too.

  11. This is a very serious message for 7th-day Adventists. We really need to take some time to examine ourselves. Because we can use the Bible to defend our doctrines, we think we have it all. But this so sad. Doctrines will not save us. We are under this big umbrella called Adventism so we think we are ok. But we need to look deep within ourselves and ask: How much time do we spend with Jesus daily? Do we actually spent time thinking about Him during the day? Is He our closest friend? Only a close relationship with Jesus will take us to heaven, not our knowledge of the doctrines. Lord, please help us see ourselves as we really are. Revive us oh Lord!

  12. Today's lesson is a stanch reminder of how easy it is to think that we are doing okay when in fact we may have lost focus of the soul purpose of us being here. We are to be growing in Christ every day and when we are not we are becoming complacent and lukewarm. May the Lord heat up the water for me so that I may burn for Him.

  13. Now is the time for us to make all the preparation to meet the bridegroom, for when he appears in the clouds he will be coming with rewards. As his word says “today, if you will hear his voice do not harden your hearts” (Ps 95:7-8, NKJV).

  14. All this generation is in agony and in dangerous grounds of deception from Satan so as Christians we must be on our watch and allow room for God's intervention in this dark ages, this will enable us to get through revival.When the lord is our driver we will not fear any circumstance a head of us because in long run the lord will fight for us.

  15. By the time we think everything is well with our spiritual life and nothing is needed it's the time we are faraway from God coz people who came closer to God saw their wickedness eg Job, Isaiah, Daniel, John just to mention afew. Are we like pharisees who knew the book of torah but denied Christ? Like arich man who kept commandments but had no love(Luke 18:18-30)? Or 5 foolish virgins who thought everything was ok but at the end they were disappointed after their probation closed? Lets take it serious, knowledge of His words alone is nothing but action (James 2:17) lets search our hearts & afflict our souls everyday as did the ancient israel on the day of atonement (Lev 23:26-32) but if we neglet this then here are the dangers (Luke 12:47, John 9:39-41, John 15:22, 2 Thes 2:10-12, 1 Peter 4:17).

  16. I believe I entered into an intimate, joyful, and loving partnership (a covenant/an agreement) with the Lord when I became a Christian and an SDA. My relationship with the Lord requires of me self-discipline (determination, endurance, & persistence) AND introspection (searching my heart) daily.
    It means I must anticipate, expect, and be prepared (bring the extra oil) AND to be vigilant (watchful, alert, and observant) (not to slumber) on a daily basis in awaiting the Bridegroom's Coming. This also is applicable in my awareness and knowing Satan's tactics/methods of deception.
    It means I must boldly commit and recommit to Him daily.
    It means I must humbly submit and resubmit to Him daily.
    It means I humbly and reverently pray/talk to Him throughout the day (an opportunity and gift to me).
    It means I study the Bible daily AND deeply into the His Word (an opportunity and gift to me).
    It means I apply the lessons I study from His Word to my life and may have to reapply, if necessary. I must strive to model and "walk the walk" of the Lord.
    It means I have opportunities (these are gifts to me) to witness and give Bible studies.


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