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Sabbath: The Picture of Salvation — 12 Comments

  1. The sanctuary is so very, very important to us today. God indeed dwells in heaven, (the Most Holy place) the location of the mercy seat (God's throne). The rest of the sanctuary is here and now for us.

  2. God doe not need any house to dwell in,not even a mountain. Therfore this shows us that our God is great so we must serious praise him.

  3. I can't believe we are finally studying the sanctuary message, it was long overdue. This year I am being revived, there's no turning back for me. I pray for a complete revival for Seventh Day Adventists and all honest Christians the world over. Lets spread the love

  4. I was asking myself this question, once openned the fourth quarterly I find that God watch us from the heaven sanctuary. We should remember that God is Spirit we are required to pray in spiritual way to aware His wisdom.

  5. The message is meant 4 us to have a glimple of God and 2 understand and appreciate how the plan of salvation was achieved and how the requirements of justice were met at the cross!

  6. If anyone has not yet read the book "The Cross and its Shadow" by
    Stephen N Haskell. this would be a good opportunity to do so. I guarantee it will open your eyes to stuff you will study this quarter.

    [Editor's Note. The book is available to read online. Click this link: The Cross and Its Shadow.]

  7. I pray that as we study the subject of sanctuary, we all will come and know that God is great and loves us more than we can imagine. That is the sanctuary story so powerful, so important.

  8. The Sanctuary; what a wonderful study. A complete system that taught all the major events of Earth's history from; Creation, through Jesus' advent, teachings, death, resurrection, and second advent, and our need to constantly turn to God for forgiveness and strength. Wow!

  9. This is just what I need at this time of my life. Being a 17 year old is not easy,considering the challenges I face regarding my beliefs as an Adventist. I pray this weeks lesson revives me as that is what I need,constant revival. It is vital for all Adventists and I pray that the Lord my continue to strengthen our faith in Him because that is all we need,Christ,and "all things will be added unto us"

  10. About the heavenly sanctuary lesson which has just come in time it is very essential that this wonderful revelation has to be fully discussed
    because it is the only hope that we are really assured of our total salvation as it really offers us the last chance to repent of our sins

  11. Hi my dearest friends in Christ I have found that this quartery is very significant for us to scrutinise well.
    Others they do not aware it. My appeal is lets find time to read the words of God in spifitual way not like anovel, atmost an hour everyday.

    God will make anew way of life to follow.

  12. Hello saints of God, Happy Sabbath , and God's Blessings to every one. God is so awsome and wonderful he gives us nothing before it's time. There was a time when I was very very much in a hurry for these end times lessions dident feel to go to church on sabbath because I was not hearing much of the preperations for God's comming, dident know much about the santuary, but know that we have reached to such good lessons on the heavenly and earthly santuary, and learning so much on God's plans for his children, it make me want to praise him even more. thank God that his time ise'nt ours. I'm going every Sabbath and learning God's will for us, Amen. Have blesserd Sabbath-day to every one.


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