Thursday: Revival, Witnessing, and Divine Intervention

The thrilling story of the rapid growth of New Testament Christianity in Acts is the story of a revived church witnessing of Jesus’ love.

Image © Kevin Carden from

Image © Kevin Carden from

It is the story of a church that regularly experienced divine intervention. Witnessing was a way of life for these early believers.

“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ” (Acts 5:42, NKJV). Persecution even furthered the cause of the gospel. When persecution scattered the members of the church at Jerusalem, they “went everywhere preaching the word” (Acts 8:4, NKJV).

One of the more remarkable examples of divine intervention in Acts is the story of Philip and an Ethiopian government official.

Read the story of Philip instructing the Ethiopian and his response in Acts 8:26-38. What can we take from this story about revival and witnessing?

“An angel guided Philip to the one who was seeking for light and who was ready to receive the gospel, and today angels will guide the footsteps of those workers who will allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify their tongues and refine and ennoble their hearts. The angel sent to Philip could himself have done the work for the Ethiopian, but this is not God’s way of working. It is His plan that men are to work for their fellow men.”-Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, p. 109.

There are three essential elements in revival, and they are prayer, the study of God’s Word, and witness. When God’s people seek Him in earnest, heartfelt intercession, and when they saturate their minds with the truths of His Word, and when they passionately witness of His love and truth to others-God divinely intervenes and opens unusual doors for the proclamation of truth.

Be honest with yourself: what do you do when witnessing opportunities come? Do you witness, or do you find some excuse not to? What does your answer tell you about your own need of revival and reformation?



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    I will liken the three lessons so far to growing plant. Accepting Christ is like planting a seed and for it to grow, it needs all the required necessities which is the same as prayer. One needs prayer to grow and be revived in Christ. It is the breath of the soul. Secondly, the soil on which the seed is planted must be nutritious and strong for it to germinate and grow into a plant which is the WORD on which we stand as Christians and is the basis of revival. Reading the word daily makes us grow stronger in what we believe in. It is the bread of life. Witness and service are the results of faithful and unceasing prayer coupled with reading and studying the word. One can't go out and win souls to Christ if they don't pray and feed on the word just the way a plant can't bear fruits without food, water, sunlight and a rich and firm foundation.

  2. Witnessing is not only preaching. More then half of his time Jesus spent helping human beings. If you engage in helping others, you will experience Revival. It will also encourage you studying God's word.

  3. jst az witnessing was a way oflife for those early believers,w also need 2 use the same as a way of spreading the gospel.

  4. today's lesson just goes to show us that I/you/we will be very clearly aware of the Lord's direct instructions when he asks us to do something. There will be no ambiguity or uncertainty about what the Lord wants me/you/us to do.

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    People in the old day were so confident to tell about the love of Christ and to live according to His statutes. The devil has brain washed human minds to think negative of God and we have grown cold of His love in these end times days where we were suppose to stay firm and prepare for His coming. Jesus said if we deny Him on earth He will deny us in heaven and when He comes again. We are called to preach His gospel and to help others prepare for His coming as well and living a humble good Christ like lifestyle.

  6. As with the early believers, witnessing has to be our way of life as much as our jobs are. Our first job is our witness for our Lord, He led us to our jobs, therefore He will open up the opportunities so we can truly witness for Him. Like with Philip and the Ethiopian, he (Philip) did not hesitate when the Lord told Him what to do. He led him to the spot and opened up the opportunity and Phillip did not hesitate to "go" and "do". The end result? Baptism of a new believer! What is even more amazing we are not told but can you imagine the witness that the eunuch became on his way to wherever he was going?! Powerful! God help us to seek You daily and not hesitate to go through that open door of opportunities to witness and thus fulfill the commission to "GO"! Amen

  7. Lately I have been impressed to make restitution on unreturned tithes. I have heard it stated to just ask God for forgiveness and start where you are.
    Recently I read a quote in the writings of E. G. White that some will not be saved because of not making restitution. If the factor of returning to God the tithes we have robbed from Him is a matter of "life or death", should not this be a part of the message we are to proclaim?
    I don't believe this is a matter/requirement that is openly declared in the majority of most SDA congregations or conferences -- not at the SDA churches where I have held membership.

    Could you please discuss "Restitution of Tithes" -- the percentage to be added to the unreturned tithes (1/5th, 20), how to determine how much when there is no record, asking for forgiveness and vowing to return a specific amount as long as there is life and a way, and whatever you feel is vital.

    When we break any of God's 10 commandments, repent and ask Him for forgiveness - He does. What is so different about robbing Him (“Thou shalt not steal.”) ? As I wrote this question just now, the Holy Spirit reminded me that if I steal from someone else, I am to return what I have taken. What about my God? Does He not deserve restitution also?

    I truly want make restitution to Him. I have been reading and praying. Please pray for me as the Spirit leads me in following God's will in the "right way" to make full restitution. Thank you for your time and reply.


    • Peggy, we should follow God's leading. What a privilege it is to return our tithes to the Lord! However, God makes us accountable for what we know to do and do not do. When we know we should return the tithe and we choose not to hand it to God and His church, we are responsible for choosing to disobey. The sin comes when we knowingly refuse to do something God asks of us. Here is one text that might make the issue clear about what we are accountable for in tithe and other areas of obedience:

      "Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it" (James 4:17 New Living Translation).


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