Sunday: The Robe of a Jew

Beginning with chapter 8, the book of Zechariah takes a radical turn.

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Image © Steve Creitz from

A series of messages sent from the Lord tells the future of the world and the role of God’s people in it. Some of the passages from these chapters are not easy to understand, but the ultimate future is clearly positive.

Read Zechariah 8. What principles can you learn from there that have relevance for us, as Seventh-day Adventists, and the calling from God that we have been given?

God’s plan was that Jerusalem would again be a safe place in which old people would sit in the streets filled with playful boys and girls (Zech. 8:4-5). To those who inhabited a city overrun by conquerors, the promise of streets safe for young and old sounded like a dream.

Instead of remaining forever a small subordinate nation, God’s people were to be a magnet to which nations would be drawn in order to worship the Lord, King of the whole earth (Zech. 14:9). The use of the expression “all languages” (NIV) in Zechariah 8:23 indicates that the prophecy envisioned a universal movement.

Like Isaiah (Isaiah 2) and Isaiah’s contemporary Micah (Micah 4), Zechariah was shown by God that the day would come when a multitude of people from many cities and nations would go up to Jerusalem to pray and seek the Lord. God’s presence in Zion generally will be recognized, as will His blessings on those who worship Him.

The gospel accounts tell that these Messianic promises began to be fulfilled through the ministry of Jesus Christ. On one occasion, for example, Jesus said that when He is lifted up from the earth, He “will draw all peoples” to Himself (John 12:32, NKJV).

The church of Christ, also called the “Israel of God” (Gal. 6:16), is privileged in our time to have a part in this mission. We are to carry the light of salvation to the ends of the earth. In this way the people of God can be a great blessing to the world.

Read especially Zechariah 8:16-17. At a time when our church is seeking revival and reformation, how can we learn to avoid these things, which God says He hates?



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    If christians will show the ultimate love to their brethren, all men will know and will be drawn to God. Let us show love, that is the true robe of a child of God.

  2. The old hymn says it best Trust (HIS Promises) Obey (HIS Commands) there is no other way to be happy in Jesus BUT to trust and obey.

  3. The prophecy of Zechariah point to furture events espectially chapter 8. tHE prophet is shown what is to take place, old people would sit in the streets of Jerusalem, little boys and girls playing in the streets vs 4-5. Vss 11-19 the Lord, through His Prophet He speaks specifically to Judah and Isreal. The feasts are to bring gladness.Vss 20-23 shows how people will be gathering in Jerusalem and how vs 23 10 people from every language will get hold of Jew's sleeve saying we have heard that the Lord is with you and we shall go with you. This we are told it will take place.
    My own understanding, this will take place on earth and not heaven. I say so because, there will be no Children in heaven, neither will there be old people. Inspirations says when the saved will be tranlated, they will be changed- this change refers to the time of Adam's body in Eden before sin and also refers to immortatliy..Luke 20:29-37 affirms of no marrige in heaven. Also its not possible to have heathens in heaven- holding the sleeve of a Jew saying we have heard God is wit you, we shall also go with you. In heaven, God will be amidst His people, no one will have to seek for Him.
    Nearly every prophet has commented on Isreal and Judah of returning their own land.
    Ezk 36:32-38 affirms the return of Isreal and Judah and will rebuild the waste places and the heathen nations arround will be supprised to see the place and liken it to the garden of Eden. How do we have heathen nations in Heaven?
    Can someone help me, maybe my conclusion is not correct.

  4. When as the peculiar people of GOD continue to swim on our past ungodly practices we need to focus on the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for you and me, so let us quit from our comfort zones and wake up to give others a testimony on what GOD has done through Jesus Christ.

  5. This has been a "high quarter". If we can put all we have learnt into practice, Christ's humiliating death won't be in vain.


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