Thursday: The Sabbath and the Gospel

In the final question of yesterday’s lesson, we looked at both Exodus 20:11-12 and Deuteronomy 5:15.

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What we see here is the Sabbath pointing us toward two ideas: Creation and Redemption, two concepts that are very powerfully linked in the Bible. God is not only our Creator, He is also our Redeemer; and both these important spiritual truths are brought home to us every week, every seventh day, as we rest on the Sabbath, “according to the commandment” (Luke 23:56, NKJV), just as the women who “came with Him [Jesus] from Galilee” (Luke 23:55did.

Read Colossians 1:14-16 and John 1:1-14. How do these texts link Jesus as both our Creator and Redeemer?

“Since the divine law is as sacred as God Himself, only one equal with God could make atonement for its transgression. None but Christ could redeem fallen man from the curse of the law, and bring him again into harmony with Heaven.” – Ellen G. WhiteGod’s Amazing Grace, p. 42. Only as Creator, only as One equal with God, only as the One who had made “all . . . that was made” (John 1:3), could Jesus be the One to redeem fallen humanity.

By pointing us to Christ as our Creator and Redeemer, the Sabbath is a powerful symbol of the gospel of grace. In fact, our resting on the Sabbath reveals that we, indeed, are not saved by the works of the law but by what Christ has done for us. Thus, Sabbath rest becomes a symbol of the rest we have in Jesus (see Heb. 4:3-9).

Salvation, too, is restoration; it is re-creation, a process that not only starts now when we have accepted Jesus (see 2 Cor. 5:17Gal 6:15) but that culminates and climaxes with the re-creation of the heavens and the earth (see Isa. 65:17Rev. 21:5). These verses show even more clearly how Creation and Redemption are linked and both these crucial truths are embodied in the Sabbath commandment, one of the Ten Commandments.

It’s one thing to say that you are a Sabbath keeper, and to even rest on the Sabbath. The scribes and Pharisees did that. But it’s another to experience the fullness and richness of the Sabbath. What about your own Sabbath keeping? What might you do in order to better reap the spiritual and physical blessings that God provides for us on the Sabbath day?



Thursday: The Sabbath and the Gospel — 7 Comments

  1. The only rest is in God. and there is no other. If we reject the rest He offers today which is to do his perfect will, and to keep His commandments. He will never allow you to enter in His rest.

    • If we are saved by Grace does my disobedience affect my salvation? Does God judge me on my behavior or on what Jesus has done? I hope it's not my behavior because I make so many mistakes

      • Chib, rest assured God's grace helps us with our behavior as well. In Ephesians 2:8-10 God's grace gives us good works. Not that we are saved by those works, but our works show that we trust His grace, and they express our love for God. Romans 1:5 tells us God's grace gives us obedience. Titus 2:11-12 tells us grace helps us to have Godly behavior right here on earth. Meanwhile Hebrews 4:16 tells us to come anytime we need to find that grace to help us with our behavior, or for mercy anytime we make a mistake and need forgiveness. With help like that you can't lose!

        • A good question, Kathleen. Could it be that you are confusing rewards with salvation? Rewards are indeed based on works. (Revelation 22:12) However, salvation is a gift. (Romans 6:23)

  2. The word of God is very clear, if you don't accepted the Sabbath of the Lord that means, you don't believe in the creator of the universe and also you don't believe in his words, because God said even in the new earth all flesh will come to pray God at every Sabbath.


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