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  1. Confinement does not stop Paul
    Paul bound by chain earnestly seeking the redemption of Agrippa.
    But also ALL who are listening to me today.
    His desire is not only for Agrippa but also everyone listening to become free in Christ.
    "In calling God our Father, we recognize all His children as our brethren. We are all a part of the great web of humanity, all members of one family. In our petitions we are to include our neighbors as well as ourselves."
    Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing Page 105
    Do you believe we are ALL members of one family?

    “O that men were wise enough to see that suffering for Christ is honour, that loss for truth is gain, that the truest dignity rests in wearing the chain upon the arm rather than endure the chain upon the soul.” (Spurgeon)
    What kind of chains are binding you today?

    • All we need to be freed from THE CHAINS OF THE SOUL is to follow what the Apostle John said in 1 John 1:8-10 especially verse 9. Once we do that, the message of CHRIST TO THE WORLD will take care of itself.

      • Yes you are right Pete. If we find ourselves in a cloud of despair, the devil gnawing on our brain, it is time to spend a thoughtful hour on 1John 1:9, and 1John 2:1-3. John 3:16, John 3:5, Psalms 16:8, Psalms 42:11, and a multiple of other Bible promises that bring us encouragement. God does not want us be cloudy. As ambassadors of Christ we has a genuine smile on our face. We rejoice in the Lord always. Philippians 4:4.

        • Amen, John! King David via God's Holy Spirit in Psalm 51:12,13 is very clear that it is when GOD restores the JOY OF HIS SALVATION in us that it is then that we are in the right frame of mind to TEACH TRANSGRESSORS OF GOD'S WAYS and then SINNERS are converted to HIM. And it is when we come fully in line with 1 John 1:8,9, and 10 that God then restores THE JOY OF HIS SALVATION in our hearts and lives. And it is also then that the message of CHRIST TO THE WORLD takes care of itself too.


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