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Sabbath Afternoon: Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer — 10 Comments

  1. It is true that Jesus sees the importance of prayer in his time we also needs it too Prayer is the communication between man and God I truly respect it

  2. It is not hidden that the Father provides for needs of which His children do not make requests of Him. In fact He provides for the needs of those who oppose Him, though they may not acknowledge it (Matthew 5:45). So why does Jesus invite His followers to ask, seek, and knock, so they may receive (Luke 11:9, 10)?

    While prayer is often thought of as a way to get God’s attention and move Him to satisfy urgent or pressing physical needs this is not its primary purpose.

    For many physical needs remind them to pray and prayer time is a time to remember physical needs. The Father may respond favorably to the sincere prayer which is loaded with requests for physical provisions if this will get His children to talk with Him. It is the Lord’s will that the communication channel be open and active with His people as a way to restore the broken relationship and spend time together. Hence we are invited to pray often and about everything (Ephesians 6:18).

    Jesus reveals in Luke 11:13 what he really wants His followers to pray for. It is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes unsolicited efforts to nudge us concerning our sinful condition, but the power to live an overcoming life comes only by request. As the faithful grow in grace they long to be more like Christ and their prayer reflect this. The concern for the spiritual exceeds that of the temporal.

    Prayer is most effective when there is a recognition that its goal is spiritual renewal, and not so much physical supply. Jesus said if we think spiritual He will cover the physical as He sees fit (Matthew 6:33). Even when in desperate physical need think spiritual first, then talk to the Lord about how he may address the physical to meet His will (Luke 11:2). The redeemed will not regret this approach.

  3. I love Sabbath School Quarterly Lesson,s because it helps me to understand to grow even more in His Word

  4. Luke's Exortations on Prayer ( Luke11:1-13)

    1. Pray to God that his WILL is the result of our request.

    2. Pray that God will supply our needs ( we acknowledge that he is our provider thoug we are gainfully employed).

    3. Pray to God for forgiveness, God is always willing to impute his righteousness in us; sin mars our relationship with God, prayer is an expression of relationship with God.

    4. Pray to God to help us to forgive those who have hurt us and for restoration of relationship.

    5. Pray to God to resist evil thoughts and imaginations so that we don't manifest evil.

    6. Pray constantly to God for your specific needs ("yet because of his importunity he will rise and give
    him as many as he needeth").

    7. Pray to God for the Holy Spirit, he is willing to transform us into Spiritual Giants; and he will address our needs. We seem to ask more for material things than for theSpirit!!

    Lord please enable us to pray according to your words.

  5. The Holy Spirit is indeed our greatest need, for He is the key to the revival of true Godliness, and we cannot be converted without Him, and would be doomed to walk in the flesh were it not for Him, even after the cross. Jesus' death would've been pointless without the Holy Spirit to lead us to conviction and repentance

  6. I'm having a similar experience with the Holy Spirit. Since the sovereign Father of all creation is the same today, yesterday and forever His attitude needs no adjustments. Mine does at times and this I understand is the work of the Holy Spirit. As a jet is continually setting and resetting its course so does the Lord of all the living seeking to captain this earthly vessel on it's journey home, He continually waits for either our consent abandoned will or choice in all His dealings with men. The Holy Spirit is able to do the work of saving soul's for His Kingdom, only as well through us as we are willing to be worked by God.I love God but it is not I myself that originated this love, nor can I sustain the love without the continual working of God's Spirit. Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

  7. Jesus was taken by Holy Spirit to Gethsemane to be tried by the Satan. Thru prayer Jesus was able to pass the test. Jesus never used His Divinity during that time; He was totally dependent on His Father thru prayer. He asked His 3 disciples to watch & pray with Him because He needed as much help He could get. The disciples could not make it because they concentrated on their tiredness & the devil played his role, made them to sleep. Jesus continued to pray all night long. God the Father through the Holy Spirit sent Moses & Elijah to comfort Jesus
    And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” Luke 9:35. Jesus was always accompanied by the Holy Spirit because He was living a life of prayer.

  8. This lesson want us to know and do as Christ. If the God-man Jesus see the need for the Holy Spirit, then what about you and I? An operational relationship is needed between us and the Holy Spirit for us to understand the basic ministry of Jesus.

  9. If Jesus Christ the only beggotten and Immortal Son of God, Who left his glory above and came to this sinful earth, could recognize the fact that he could not do without praying, how much more sinful beings like you and I. (mind you prayer is the gas in our spiritual vehicle and when there is no gas in a vehicle it remains stagnant until u refill it) I pray that our good Lord will grant us that burning desire to always seek him in prayer.

  10. If Jesus saw the need for prayer, how much
    more must we need it....
    Indeed we need to pray without ceasing. Happy Sabbath!!!.


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