Sabbath: Social Relationships

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Read for This Week’s Study: 1 Pet. 2:13-23; 1 Pet. 3:1-7; 1 Cor. 7:12-16; Gal. 3:27-28; Acts 5:27-32; Lev. 19:18.

Memory Text: “Above all things have fervent love for one another, for ‘love will cover a multitude of sins’” (1 Peter 4:8, NKJV).

Peter’s letter also tackles head-on some of the difficult social questions of his time. For instance, how should Christians live with an oppressive and corrupt government, such as what most of them experienced then: the pagan Roman Empire? What did Peter tell his readers, and what do his words mean to us today?

How should Christian slaves react when their master treats them harshly and unjustly? Though modern employer-employee relationships are different from that of a first-century, master-slave relationship, what Peter says will no doubt resonate with those who have to deal with unreasonable bosses. How fascinating that Peter points to Jesus and how He responded to bad treatment as the example of how Christians should conduct themselves when faced with the same (1 Pet. 2:21-24).

How should husbands and wives interact with one another, especially when they differ on a matter as fundamental as religious belief?

Finally, how should Christians relate to the social order when, in fact, the social and/or political order might be decidedly corrupt and contrary to Christian faith?

Study this week’s lesson to prepare for Sabbath, April 22.


Sabbath: Social Relationships — 3 Comments

  1. Christians must have their big boy, (girl) pants on and be the example to all people of what a Christian is truly like. When things go wrong, this is the greatest time to witness. When they see you not avenging yourself, but still showing respect to those who maybe treating you unfairly, it is the hour of your calling. That is when all eyes will be turned towards us, drawing out all those who God will call out to join. What a day that will be.

  2. Peter wrote in 1 Peter 4: 8: "Love covers over a multitude of sins." The primary principle that should govern our lives is love. As a child of God we are to love one another unconditionally. Love is the path that leads people to Jesus. James 5:20 tells us that under the influence of love, a follower of Christ will forgive and cover the sin of another child of God. True love inclines saints to forgive and forget offences of others rather than aggravate them and spread them around. In our world, there are just too many persons who in their moment of weakness, have been subjected to condemnation, suffering and injustice of the worst kind. The natural tendencies in these circumstances for the victim is to feel bitter, retaliate and eventually turn away from God and His people.Saints we must never forget that Christ stands as the supreme example of endurance under immense suffering of injustice without sinning. Christians should endure hardship and all manner of injustice in their sojourn on this life. And thus Peter encourages Christians to be patient under unjust sufferings, v. 21. The sufferings of Christ should give us comfort under the most unjust and cruel sufferings we meet in the world. He suffered for us with the utmost readiness and perfect patience, from all quarters without retaliating. We are urged to be like Jesus

  3. Husband and wives should compromise in God's word. Jesus is the head of the marriage. Therefore none of them is the boss, Jesus is.

    If one of them has different religion, they should discussed this issue before marriage. If they did, then I believe one of them is going to submit or they would have to compromise. That is my perceptive for this subject.

    This is how Christians should relate to social oder, they need to consult God first , then He will indicate them if they should take part in the social order. Talking to God first, will help them restraint their faith for good decision among these corrupt gull social order.


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