Sabbath: The Wrath of Elihu

Read for This Week’s Study: Job 13:28, Job 28:28, Job 32:1–5, Job 34:10–15, Ezek. 28:12–17, Job 1:1-2:10.

Memory Text: “ ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts’ ” (Isaiah 55:9, NKJV).

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And so it goes, the battle of words between Job and these three men, words that at times are profound, beautiful, deep, and true. How often people will quote from the book of Job, even quotes from Eliphaz, Bildad, or Zophar. And that’s because, as we have seen over and over, they did have a lot of good things to say. They just didn’t say them in the right place, at the right time, in the right circumstances. What this should teach us is the powerful truth of these texts in Proverbs 25:11–13:

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold
in settings of silver.

Like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold
is a wise rebuker to an obedient ear.

Like the cold of snow in time of harvest
is a faithful messenger to those who send him,
for he refreshes the soul of his masters (NKJV).

Unfortunately, those weren’t the words that Job was hearing from his friends. In fact, the problem was going to get worse because, instead of just three people telling him he’s wrong, a new one comes on the scene.

Study this week’s lesson to prepare for Sabbath, December 3.


Sabbath: The Wrath of Elihu — 8 Comments

  1. Could it be that Job's friends came to say the good and self took over? Could this be a lesson to show us that in our tests and trials some experiences will come upon us when we are at our lowest ebb? Could it be that this is also a lesson for us in the last days on how to stand individually regardless of the pressure and cry out like Jesus, My God, my God,(why has thou forsaken me)how long will I feel this pain?

  2. Correct me if I am wrong. But Elihu is not rebuked by God at his appearing. Elihu in Hebrew means He is God.
    I see Elihu as a messenger sent before God appears on the scene to set the record straight. Similar to John the Baptist to Jesus

    • Yes, I see your view point, but most of the messengers sent by God erred on their way to their assigned duty, or while on duty, due to the loss of focus. Only Jesus never failed although he faced many temptations. Job too was on duty to prove true worship regardless of his state. He knew not what Satan was really up to all he knew was that the God of heaven and earth existed and he was to give him true worship by faith. We are all called to live by the name - Jesus. So many times we have messed it up, Thanks to the intercessor the same one who is King Jesus. He has set the path to reclaim us. We must however learn to take heed because we know what Satan is seeking.

  3. God used the Word to create the world. We must always bear in mind that the word is imbued with creative power.It creates or grows in the hearer the seed it carries. Apart from being sensitive to what we say to others, we must be alert to condemn every word that rises against us in judgement before that word settles in our heart and bears fruit of the seed within itself. This is what Job did so well, if he had allowed any of those faithless words to settle in his heart by and by his faith was going to be eroded. But he condemned them on the spot. The following verses echo these sentiments Isaiah 54:17 and Mark 4:24. Most of us are where we are today because of the words we have spoken over ourselves and which others have spoken over us and we have allowed these words to settle and bear fruit in our lives whether for the better or worse. The great controversy in the book of Job manifests itself as the battle of words. Deep powerful words that would cripple the soul if not handled with care. Job did not accept any word that was not fitly spoken.

  4. It is interesting that in all the pain and suffering that Job experienced he was still able to carry on a battle of words to defend his integrity. Elihu must have been a welcome addition to the discourse. Elihu is a word for God, not the Almighty but any deity.

    Elihu was apparently wise beyond his age and allowed to be part of the conversation. Some of his admonitions remind me of Solomon and the book of Proverbs.

  5. The great controversy is always between good and evil. The devil has so many ways to bring destruction to the true believers and followers of God. He brings error so close to the truth such that if not well grounded in the word, you are deceived. Job knew how well he stood with His Creator and thus no amount of unfit words could move or sway his hold to the creator. A lesson that we too should learn. It important to take introspection of our lives.
    The can use you close friends to bring us down. Let us really know on which rock have we anchored our faith such that even if storm and tempest arose, surely we shall remain standing

  6. "the right word at the right time is like golden apples in silver jewelry, .. A messenger trusted by those who send him is like cool snow at harvest time". Seventh day adventists we're God's messengers at that earth's harvested time, what can we do so that we may be trusted by our Master as Job did?

  7. Many issues make us reach a boiling point, but the most important point is to note the following points.
    1.Am I sure that my actions or conversation is GOD'S will?
    2.Am I sure am on the right track?
    3.Can I be blessed by that action?
    4.Will it be a blessing 2 others?
    5. Will I like 2 be treated in that same way?

    Many big organizations, age matters much before one holds a very important office.
    When dealing with spiritual matters is it not important to consider age? Maybe the problem of Eliku is about age.


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