Wednesday: A Scroll of Remembrance

In Malachi 3:13-18, the people complain that the Lord did not care about the nation’s sins.

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Those who practiced evil and injustice appeared to escape unnoticed, and thus many wondered why they should serve the Lord and live righteously when evil seemed to go unpunished.

Read Malachi 3:14-15. Why is it easy to understand that complaint?

How does the Lord respond? (Mal. 3:16-18)

It is easy in this world, where so much injustice exists, to wonder if justice ever will be done. The message here, however, is that God knows of all these things, and He will reward those who are faithful to Him.

The expression “a scroll (or, a book) of remembrance” is found only here in Scripture. What do the following passages teach about God’s books in which are recorded people’s names and deeds? Exod. 32:32Ps. 139:16Isa. 4:365:6Rev. 20:11-15.

The bottom line is that the Lord knows all things. He knows those who are His (2 Tim. 2:19) and those who are not. All we can do is, as sinners, claim His righteousness, claim His promises of forgiveness and power, and then—relying on Christ’s merits—die to self and live for Him and others, knowing that in the end our only hope is in His grace. If we place our hope in ourselves, we are sure to be disappointed, one way or another.

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Wednesday: A Scroll of Remembrance — 16 Comments

  1. What we say should be in line with our actions and thoughts, so that our righteousness will be easly reflected in us.

  2. We should not be discouraged by the prosperity of the wicked, or even entertain the thought that they should be punish speedly.Instead, we should trust the good Lord to deal with these matters according to His great wisdom.If we bear in mind that we are not worthy and its by His grace alone we are saved, our perspective on God's treatment of the ,so call wicked, would be different.

  3. Thanks for that comment Clifford! The repentance of the chief of sinners is meant to be for all of us for we all have sinned and fall short of God's glory - there is none righteous no not one. Having experienced the saving grace of God and continuing to do so daily should make us humble enough not yo judge other and we should in patient continuance do good for in due time we will receive our reward.

  4. Psalm 92:7
    When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever.
    Like Jesus, let us focus on greater riches above and the greater joy that awaits us of which the earthly glory is nothing compared to it....Hebrews 12:2

  5. I am so grateful for the Lord God for His patience with us while showing us the rope on this earth even though we fail HIM so much. Thank you my dear brothers and sisters for allowing God to use you to teach us and guide us on the way Jerusalem!!!

  6. Today's lesson brought back memories of feelings I had as a little girl. It appeared those around me who weren't even concerning living a life for Christ were prospering and my family and I were barely making it. I felt God was unfair.
    I can't help but think about verse 16 of today's lessons - those that feared The Lord, Those that respect The Lord, we will be remembered. I also think about our giving habits when it comes to our tithes & offerings. Are we as giving to God as we pray He would be to us? If we do as He says, we will be able to request one of His many cattle on a thousand hills. As the years have passed, I've learned that our blessings, (those extra blessings come when and if we are ready to receive them). God hasn't forgotten about His loyal and faithful children, time plays a huge factor in all things.
    Let do our very best to be patient and know that God can not lie. While it is true we want to achieve and receive those awesome and fabulous blessings, the best blessing we can receive is making it to the kingdom of God. I'm looking forward to my new mansion and streets of gold. Always remember, this life is temporary, what God has in store for us in Heaven is permanent.

  7. Praise God for all His many blessing! I too always wondered why it seemed as if all my friends and the people around me, who cared less about doing God's will, had everything! Now I understand that it is Satan who wants us to envy and long for the things of this world so that he can distract us from truly serving God. Our God owns evertything and He takes us through our many struggles in order to save our soul for His kingdom! We must continue to be strong and not lose sight of the ultimate prize/blessing....HEAVEN!

  8. As I read today lesson about a Scroll of Remembrance. I think about how far the Lord has brought His people that have put their trust in Him .No court ,No Judge; No Law can save ,only The SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.And when I read Psalm 40: I understand David and how He was conforted.Psalm 19:12-14 Even when things happen that make no sense to me. I always want this to be part of me.Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart,be accepptable in thy sight.O LORD,MY STRENGTH,and my REDEEMER.

  9. Thanks todays lesson because I have been suffering so much when I see some of the leaders doing evil and going on in their normal duties without being punished. Thanks for the book of rememberance.

  10. God knows everything as the sabbath school portrays.What ever is happening on this sinful earth,God does knows.He also knows those on His side and those who are far apart from Him.Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness(2 Timothy 2:19). Therefore if you give your life to Christ,you need not to sin again because by sinning,you will be far from God(Isaiah 59:1-3). Our sins served as a barrier between We and God.Therefore if we pray it doesn't reach Him.We must do our earnest part ans surly God will grant onto us The Holy Spirit to Strengthen us.

    Please help me to sought out this question. It has been repeatedly asked by different people when ever I have contact with them and I couldn’t give the exact answer to them.

    If God knows His, then does God know the number of People who will go to heaven?

  11. When we complain about the prosperity of the wicked and God's inaction we don't realize that we are really complaining about the SAME GRACE that keeps us alive. It is because of God's grace that the wicked prosper and we are still alive.

    Deep down we think that we really want justice. But that same justice will also condemn us for we are ALL sinners (wicked).

  12. As I think about and contemplate upon the heavenly things that are surely set before GOD's people past and present, it marvels me of what the bible says about heaven, it says "The eyes have not seen, neither has it entered the heart of man what heaven is to be like" ! It is now, this and every moment that we must sincerely and diligently seek HIM and Live, then life would be an humbling experience for all who reach toward that Blessed Hope someday! We must all; not waver, nor toss about concerning this worlds riches or gains, for these things are only temporary, which will fade away someday! ALL IN ALL we KNOW that we will have an everlasting JOY that will not die, fade, crumble or fall! We have JESUS who is a King above all kings and HE is LORD of all, because it is said "every knee shall bow" and every tongue shall confess"! Why stress about this material world? That is not important, what is though, is a TRUE connection with JESUS CHRIST, even until our death! We have everything with HIM even if there's nothing left in this world for us! Christ is Eternal!

  13. [Thank you for your comment, but please use both first and last name next time you comment.]
    We have to give thanks for the mercies of God for it is the reason why even the wicked prospers

  14. Hi everyone, I think that God is well pleased with your responses. Remember that we are working on perfecting the fruit of the spirit, namely, PATIENCE. When we see the wicked prospering or not being "cut off" remember that god is extending his mercy for them to experience salvation. At the same time, we are learning to strengthen a trustful relationship with him. His thoughts are not ours, we can't predict instantaneous judgment. Let's do what is in our power - live by faith.


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