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Tuesday: The Second Coming of Christ — 6 Comments

  1. Second coming is real, tangible, visible, and universal. All eyes will behold (Rev. 1.7) unlike the opposing doctrine heralded by the Pentecostal (churches) movement on the topic of secret rapture which is not biblical. The bible is very definitive on second coming. One does not need to go to theological college to know this. But the power of the arch deceiver can never be underestimated. He (Satan) is the one responsible for all the confusion in the Christendom, distorting truth with error, advocating counterfeit with truth, and impersonation in the worst case scenario is the last thing to be seen.
    We need to anchor firmly on Jesus for God’s people are bound to experience or go through trying and testing times that will unfold at unprecedented level. Devil will disguise as an angel of light according to the written record of the good book (2 Corinth. 11: 12-15). Unless we are prepared, we can be caught of guard.

  2. Its pitty to see many christians today ceasing to forcus much on there life with God.. Instead of mending the gap with the father above to have mercy from him many are busy seeking miracles. The issue of miracles has nopw been a need to many christians even in the Adventist church. Let us look back and concentrate much on our life with God towars salvation. For what shall a man benefit if he has wealth and loses his life? Let us forcus back to our christianity

  3. life would have had no meaning had it not been for the divine promise of peaciful,and trouble free eternal life,jesus made to us by asuaring us of his second advent.i just cn't wait.

  4. Events happening all around us point to this great day of the Lord. It is for those of us who have read and believe to prepare ourselves and most importantly our household for His coming.

  5. Before Christ can return for his children, it is necessary for the record of their sins to be blotted out. This is what Chirst is currently doing in the most holy place in heaven and this is a prelude to his Second Coming. As christians we should be very focused and aware of what is happening and submit ourselves to God, praying for the baptism of the holy spirit so that when the refreshing from the presence of the Lord occurs we will be recepient and thus be ready and prepared for His second coming.


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