Monday: Sin and Death

In Genesis 3:19, Adam was told that, at death, he would return to the dust from which he was made.

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Image © Jeff Preston from

The same thing happens to us. Notice—we do not return to being apes, because we were not made from apes. We were made from dust, and it’s to the dust, at death, that we return.

Read Genesis 2:7; Psalm 104:29-30; John 1:4; Acts 17:24-25. What is the ultimate significance of these texts for us? How should this truth impact the way in which we live?

Life is a marvelous phenomenon. We are all familiar with life, but there is still something mysterious about it. We can take apart a living organism, but in the end we find nothing there except various kinds of atoms and molecules. We can collect the molecules in a container and heat it or pass an electric spark through it or try any number of other experiments, but we do not get life again. There is no entity called “life” that exists within a living body or a living cell. Life is a property of the entire living system, not an entity that can be separated from the cells.

On the other hand, we know much about how to produce death. We have devised many ways of killing living things. Some of these methods reveal in astonishing detail the violence and cruelty of our sinful hearts. Death we can produce, but the creation of life is beyond our grasp. God alone has the ability to create living organisms. Scientists have tried to create life, thinking that if they could do so they would have an excuse for why they do not believe in God. So far, all such efforts have failed.

Read Isaiah 59:2. How does sin affect our relationship to the Life-Giver?

If life comes only from God, then separation from God cuts us off from the source of life. The inevitable result of separation from God is death. Even if one lives 969 years, as did Methuselah, the story still ends with “and he died.” Sin, by its very nature, causes separation from life, and the result is death.



Monday: Sin and Death — 7 Comments

  1. Many people are confuse about what God said to Adam that the day they will eat from the fruit they shall die,but they did not die. As we all know,God was talking about future death but not instant death. As sin brought about death. In Genesis 3v19,God made it clear to Adam that from the dust he was made and in it he shall return to. From the dust Adam was made and God breathed in him breath of life Genesis 2v7 so as we are descendants of Adam we were also made from the earth.

    The soul that sin shall die and the wages of sin is death.The sabbath school reveal to us that death we human beings can produce but bringing something into life is impossible. We can kill animals like hen,goat,sheep, etc even some criminals people kill human beings. Our sins have been a barrier between we and GOD Isaiah 59:2. We need to avoid sinning against God so that our relationship with God shall maintain. Life is marvelous phenomenon that God provides. Imagine the way we inhale and exhale air, is it not wonderful? This shows the kindness, love and mercy that God has given to us. God is just and his mercies shall endure. AMEN

  2. Please help me,read Genesis 2:7,Psalm 104:29,30;John 1:4;Acts 17:24,25.what is the ultimate significance of these texts for us?
    How should this truth influence the way in which we live?Was Eve also created in the way Adam was created.

  3. I am thankful that humans are limited in their scientific reaches because in our sinful and finite state, we are not capable of handling the knowlege and using it with wisdom. I am also glad to know that the God of love that is over all and has all wisdom controls nature and science. We can look, wonder and be inspired.

  4. "The instant man accepted the temptations of Satan, and did the very things God had said he should not do, Christ, the Son of God, stood between the living and the dead, saying, 'Let the punishment fall on Me. I will stand in man's place. He shall have another chance.'" (Letter 22, February 13, 1900). Is this not the reason why they did not die immediately?

  5. Most people are okay with dying when they know where they are going. A comforting promise is found in Psalms 48:14 "For that is what God is like. He is our God forever and ever, and He will continue to guide until we die."

  6. Yes, indeed, science thinks it can create life. But that is on their terms and definition of what they consider life is. The simple fact is that they will never be able to create a living cell from a pile of chemicals that performs the functions a cell can because life is far too complex for them to do that and anything less is really not life. Concerning the incident with Moses and his rod Ellen While said:

    The magicians did not really cause their rods to become serpents; but by magic, aided by the great deceiver, they were able to produce this appearance. It was beyond the power of Satan to change the rods to living serpents. The prince of evil, though possessing all the wisdom and might of an angel fallen, has not power to create, or to give life; this is the prerogative of God alone. (Patriarchs and Prophets 264.2)

    Not only is life too complicated but in order to create life one would need to set all the chemical processes in the cell to a non-equilibrium state simultaneously because life is a dynamic non-equilibrium steady state of cascading chemical processes that support one another. It is a system that creates a kind of chain set in a circle where the end is connected to the start so that in a way it feeds itself. So like a servo system where there is feedback control if you break any link in the chain it is no longer a chain but just a pile of inactive chemistry.

    Only God can handle that kind of a thing for it is written that He dynamically does so on a second by second basis by, "upholding all things by the word of His power" (Heb. 1:3 NKJV). We need to remember that Jesus is the creator and the one who will resurrect us; He is life and the only one that can create and maintain it.

  7. Yes! Sin has separated us From our creator God through our four fathers Adam and Eve, since that time there is a huge gap, deep dark pity called death between us the human beings and this dark prevent us to come closer to our God the creator .


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