Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 3

Here are some hymn suggestions for this week’s lesson.

In Sabbath afternoon’s introduction to the lesson study for the week, the Gentiles of all nations are grafted into God’s covenant people. Hymn 202; “Tell it to every kindred and nation”.

Our responsibility for “proclaiming the great truth of the salvation offered in the Lord” is expressed in Hymn 378 “Go Preach My Gospel”.

Monday’s lesson speaks about The Living Stone. Hymn 348; “The Church Has One Foundation”.

“God ‘remembered’ this covenant when He rescued His people” in Tuesday’s lesson reminds of the Hymn 367; “Rescue The Perishing”.

The Gospel message in Wednesday’s lesson is that God redeems His people, saving them from sin and the bondage of sin is expressed in the beautiful Hymn 337 or 338; “Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It”.

Being redeemed we can sing meaningfully Hymn 237; “The Cross of Christ I Glory”.

Having grown in Christ, we are called to action in Hymn 378; “Go, Preach My Gospel”

Thursday’s lesson reminds us we are a distinct and “holy” nation; a thought reflected in Hymn 73; “Holy, Holy, Holy”.


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About Corinne Knopper

Coming from a musical family, Corinne developed an interest in church music at an early age in New Zealand. In 1976 she came to Australia where she developed her interest in playing the trumpet and cornet. She played in the Avondale Brass Band for many years. She also played in the Waratah Brass, The Australian National Brass Band Champions. During this time she has also taught trumpet and cornet. She has also combined her music skills with computing to produce brass band scores. Currently Corinne works in the Avondale College Admissions Office. Her love of music and her interest in Bible study gives her a unique insight into music that expands our appreciation of the lesson.


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I appreciate the list of hymns. Usually the Holy Spirit will bring songs to mind for me to sing.


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