Singing with Inspiration – 3: The Unity of the Gospel

Our Sabbath afternoon introduction to this weeks’ lesson has:
Hymn 518, “Standing on the Promises”, and
Hymn 610, “Stand Like the Brave” ringing in my ears. To these we may add:
Hymn 618, “Stand Up! Stand Up for Jesus!”.
Martin Luther stood firm and as Ellen White says “his unwavering firmness was the means of emancipating the church, and beginning a new and better era.”

The study of unity this week brings a little-sung hymn to mind – a hymn that has unity throughout its lyrics:
Hymn 400, “I Come With Joy”.

We are reminded on Monday that we are to be ‘stripping away our confidence in ourselves and to have a faithful dependence on God instead’:
Hymn 517, “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”.

Hymn 320, “Lord of Creation”
has lyrics of freedom, which reflect on the theme of Tuesday’s lesson.

Acts 10:28 on Wednesday, has:
Hymn 606, “Once to Every Man and Nation”
echoing this Bible text and unpacking it further for us.

May you be refreshed as you travel on together, in unity, this week with:
Hymn 548, “Now Praise the Hidden God of Love” as your theme.

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About Corinne Knopper

Coming from a musical family, Corinne developed an interest in church music at an early age in New Zealand. In 1976 she came to Australia where she developed her interest in playing the trumpet and cornet. She played in the Avondale Brass Band for many years. She also played in the Waratah Brass, The Australian National Brass Band Champions. During this time she has also taught trumpet and cornet. She has also combined her music skills with computing to produce brass band scores. Currently Corinne works in the Avondale College Admissions Office. Her love of music and her interest in Bible study gives her a unique insight into music that expands our appreciation of the lesson.


Singing with Inspiration – 3: The Unity of the Gospel — 3 Comments

  1. Wish you a very wonderful Sabbath Worship,I am persuaded that the hymns will stir the Lesson and add a beautiful illustrative picture we need

    We need unity now than when we first began


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