Wednesday: Space for Living

Read Genesis 1:9-13.Try to envision the incredible creative power of God

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as He is doing that which is described in this text. How does this account give a logical answer to the old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Previous to this time, the earth was covered with water. In order to provide living space for the humans that God planned to create, He changed the surface of the earth to produce basins that received the water and formed seas, allowing continents to appear. This involved a third division of the physical features of the earth. (The first division was between light and darkness; the second division was between waters above from waters below; and the third division was between dry land and seas.)

Also, for the third time, God gives names to the things that He has divided. The dry land is called “earth,” and the gatherings of waters are called “seas,” once again illustrating God’s sovereignty over space. God examines the arrangement of land and seas and declares it “good.”

A second Creation event is recorded for the third day of Creation. The dry land provides space for God to place a food supply for the creatures soon to be created. God calls forth plants from the dry land (earth). Grass, herbs, and fruit trees are mentioned specifically. These are to be the sources of food for terrestrial creatures. The text does not indicate how many different kinds of plants were created, but it does indicate that there was a diversity of plants from the beginning. In fact, from what we see today, we know that there must have been an incredible variety of these life forms. Also, Scripture is clear that there is no single ancestor here from which all plants evolved; instead, right from the start, there is a diversity of plant life. The concept, fundamental to evolutionary biology, of a single plant ancestor is contradictory to the biblical account.

Look at the incredible diversity of fruit and vegetables and other edibles. How do they present powerful evidence of God’s love for us? Why is it absurd to think that all these things were created, as evolution teaches, by random processes?



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  1. Satan wanted to create the earth. He envied Christ in heaven. Secluded to this marvelous planet made by God's power. He, now, tries to blur people's mind with the THEORY of evolution. This way, the great archenemy shows his hurt pride for not being himself a creator.
    How could all species of fruit suit so well to man's tastebuds if it weren't for a great inteligence arranging it? How could all backgroung green be so pleasant to the eyes and cause so much good to man's soul if they were a result of an evolutionary accident?
    It is everything conspicuous, evident, crystal clear! There have to be a God who designed the whole planet, the stars, the suns, etc.!

      • Read the spirit of prophecy. Early writings...EGW
        Not specifically in those exact words, but it is clear that one of the main reason why lucifer envied Christ so much is because Lucifer wanted to be a part of the three God head when planning, and is one of the main reason why lucifer could not take it anymore when, while he is standing with Jesus together before the Father, God only call for Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to come let us made man. That is when Lucifer lost it. Heeeeeeeeee!!!!!!. Satan cannot stand it when God gave us the command and the privilege to reproduce. Genesis 1:28—"Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth". Are you ready for this?? Do you know that the angels including Satan can't produce a life? but human and animals can. That is one of the mysteries of God that the understanding of man can't fathom. Proverbs 25:2, It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
        to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

  2. Oh how special it is that our Creator God prepared everything for us. He made sure that we had a beautiful place to live and healthy food to eat even before inhabiting the earth. That is how awesome our God is. Just imagine His wondrous plans for our future. Be encouraged!

  3. The Lord God Almighty is sovereign over all creature. God is Great yet He takes keen interest to meet the needs on man from the very beginning. i'm often led to exclaim O God, what is man that you are mindful of him! Ps8:3-4. I'm encouraged to know that even today, He takes keen interest to meet the needs of all who trust in Him. He indeed is worthy to be worshiped by all creatures.

  4. The lesson states that the earth was covered with water. I think that the more correct comment is that the earth was water. Then, God created dry land and caused the water to gather into one place called sea.

  5. Hello, Could someone still answer my question...Does Satan still have a chance to change and to become a good Angel? If the answer is yes could you please tell me where could I find it in the bible? Many thanks, God bless, Renata


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