Friday: Further Study – The Jonah Saga

Wars and Rumors of War

The book of Jonah is so significant for understanding the biblical basis of mission, because it treats God’s mandate to His people regarding the Gentile peoples and thus serves as the preparatory step to the missionary mandate of the New Testament. But it is also important for catching a glimpse of the deep resistance this … [Click to read more …]

Thursday: Jonah’s Lament

Jonah's Shelter

Jonah 4:1-11 confirms that the greatest obstacle for God to get His prophet involved in world mission was not distance, wind, sailors, fish, or Ninevites. It was the prophet himself. Ninevite faith contrasted with Jonah’s unbelief and vindictive spirit. Jonah is the only person in the Scriptures who accuses God of being gracious, compassionate, and … [Click to read more …]

4 The Jonah Saga – Discussion starters

Jonah flees in boat

1.  Take a trip with Jonah! You may have traveled to thirteen countries, lived on three continents, and changed addresses two dozen times, but have you EVER experienced a trip like the one Jonah took to Nineveh? What was Jonah’s attitude when he started his journey by ship?  [See Lesson 4: The Jonah Saga] 2.  A prophet with … [Click to read more …]

Wednesday: The Nineveh Generation

Jonah Preaching at Nineveh

Read Jonah 3. What great message is found here in the context of outreach and evangelism? Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you(Jon. 3:1-2 NIV). Two verbs are important in the text. First, this … [Click to read more …]

Tuesday: In the Belly of the Big Fish

Inside the Whale

The three-day experience in the belly of the big fish became a type of the death and resurrection of Christ (Jon. 1:17-2:10; Matt. 12:40). God provided and directed the great fish. Although there are accounts of people who survived at sea after having been swallowed by a whale, we must remember that God provided this … [Click to read more …]

Monday: An Early Missionary

Jonah Draws Lots

Go to Nineveh! was God’s command to Jonah. In the Old Testament the usual appeal to the nations was come to Zion. God’s original plan was for Israel to live their religion, making the nation so attractive that other nations would come to them for guidance(Isa. 56:7). Jonah, as a forerunner of the disciples in … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: The Flawed Prophet

Jonah Runs Away

Read 2 Kings 14:25. What does this tell us about Jonah? In what kind of light is he presented? Outside the book of Jonah, the prophet is mentioned in one other Old Testament passage, 2 Kings 14:25. Here he is honored as a prophet that predicted Israel’s recapture of territory taken by Syria. Jonah was … [Click to read more …]

Sabbath: The Jonah Saga

Read for This Week’s Study: Jonah 1-4, 2 Kings 14:25, Isa. 56:7, Isa. 44:8, Matt. 12:40, Rev. 14:6-12. Memory Text: I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right (Acts 10:34-35 NIV). The Jonah saga is the … [Click to read more …]