A Place Set Apart

Image © Steve Creitz from GoodSalt.com

The term “sanctuary” comes from the Hebrew “miqdash” and means “sacred place, sanctuary, holy place” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance H4720). It has the sense of being holy – something above the common or something consecrated. It is a term that is strongly associated with the word to sanctify which in its most basic sense simply means “to set apart.” So the sanctuary is a place that is set apart for a particular purpose and, in this case, for God’s specific purpose.

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Sabbath: The Picture of Salvation


Quarter 4, 2013, Introduction:
The Picture of Salvation

by: Martin Pröbstle

Unquestionably, the greatest revelation of the love and character of God was at the cross, where the Lord offered Himself in the person of Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for the sins of a world that never had to sin to begin with. To help us to understand better what this great sacrifice meant, God devised the earthly sanctuary, a pictorial representation of the plan of salvation. This earthly sanctuary, however, only […]