Held and Protected

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As I sit here, comfortable, in my climate-controlled home, my glass of clean, drinkable water beside me, I cannot, in any way, describe myself as persecuted. I believe I could describe myself as “bothered” sometimes, but not persecuted.

Image © Janet Hyun from GoodSalt.com

I don’t believe I can think of anyone I know that could be described as being persecuted right now.

Persecuted is defined as, “to pursue with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of religion, race, or beliefs; harass […]

A Brief History and Geography of Thessalonica

This quarter’s lessons focus on two of Paul’s letters to the church at Thessalonica. Today the city is called Thessaloniki and is a major a sea port of Greece on the northwestern shore of the Aegean Sea. It has a history that spans more that 2300 years.

The Cryptoporticus (Wikipedia article “Thesssaloniki”)

From its beginning in the kingdom of Macedon in 315, Thessalonica quickly became one of the most important sea ports of the kingdom due to its strategic location as […]

01: The Gospel Comes to Thessalonica – Thought Starters

Green Question Marks

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Salina, Robert, and Kim, three youngsters, aged five, seven, and eight were ready to swing in the swings and play in the sandbox and take Rupert the dog for a walk. But it was pouring rain. Salina was still sniffling from a bad cold. Kim was pouting because she didn’t get two pieces of pie for dessert. Robert, the eight-year-old, decided he’d better take over.

“Let’s play church!” he said. “Kim, why […]