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A Brief History and Geography of Thessalonica — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Tyler,

    I got a bit confused by the BC dates you used there. My understanding is that according to your dates 356 BC would have come earlier than 315 BC making Phillipi older than Thesalonica but your statement: "Furthermore Philippi was established after Thessalonica by Philip II in 356 BC." is confusing. Please clarify.

    • There is no confusion. You are correct! That only goes to show that I am not always right in what I say which means that like the Bereans we all should test what is preached - always test. [The error is now corrected.]

  2. Nice to view someone was paying attention. Thank you
    I like the educaton and pictures so easy to see how kingdoms change and how America is so short lived and intwined in these last days.

  3. I stumbled into this by accident -- I usually go straight
    to the lesson. I love this information! It is also beautiful
    to see your response to a mistake. It shows that
    you are humble, teachable and a true Christian Brother Cluthe.

  4. Interesting story which can give insight in the whole lesson study.
    thank you pr.



    • If by pr. you mean preacher or pastor, I am neither. I am simply a lay person volunteering my time to SSNet. In spite of that I do appreciate what you and others have said concerning the article.

      I also believe that the other people that supply articles on a regular basis contribute heavily to this website - more so than I do. I have come to increasingly appreciate their contribution the more I work on this website.

      So thank you Elder Kalulu Ronald for your kind words.

  5. This was my first visit to your site and I appreciate the good information. I was just starting to read The First Epistle of Paul to The Thessalonians and I wanted to know a little bit about Thessalonica. Very interesting.

    Thanks so much,


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