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Further Study: The Gospel Comes To Thessalonica — 4 Comments

  1. The Gospel to Thessalonica is the continuation of witnessing and evangerlism that were spread by Paul and other faithful servants of the New Testament. We must join this task for the Gospel to go to the whole world.

  2. We need to preach the gospel as Paul did. Evangelism and witnessing should be the main role to be played in our lives.

  3. I thank God that I am called to continue the work that Bro. Paul started. I pray that by God's Grace I will daily commit my heart to Him so He can immerse me with His Holy Spirit and Fire thereby equipping me to proclaim His Gospel of Salvation to the world, beginning where I am!

  4. I would like to know how you would approach someone on the Discussion Question 2 with a friend or neighbor on how Daniel 2 can help someone find a secular or non biblical perspective to start to trust the Bible as the Word of God?? How could you possibly start a conversation about Daniel 2 with someone, who doesn't even know anything about the Bible??? Would you just bring it up in a conversation out of the clear blue sky?? I don't get it.

    Many of the comments and questions in this lesson are difficult to do when you don't even know your neighbors. Fortunately, I live in a conference apt. But, I know people who don't and they only know one or
    two of the people who live in their apartment. So how do you approach people and start a conversation about the Bible???

    Thank you for you coming comments. God bless, joyce


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