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Thursday: Devil Worship — 9 Comments

  1. Praise God that as we stand on His Word we are safe from harm. All the power in the Word is accessible to us as we claim it by faith and trust in, and complete heart submission to, God. May God help us meditate more on His Word.

  2. The only way we can overcome temptation is thru a total dependent on the law of God. Psalm 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

  3. Does each temptation have the 3 aspects?
    1- being put in a situation of need (wether we put ourselves there or God testing us) then the temptation becomes dependence on ourselves vs on God.
    2- the Trust factor: Challenging God (you promised you would do this but can you or will you , plant of doubt. 3-Our choice: Who do we serve, God or mammon? Promise of riches something better if we compromise. We have to choose our allegence and become more powerful, "like God"i.e. Independence

  4. Jesus not only quoted (some people chant as a talisman) Scripture, but believed and had faith in it. Perhaps He validated its power? The sword of the Spirit is the Word. That's part of the whole armor of God. Jesus gave us this example. Bless His holy name.

  5. it is so strange today how we still fall for the same devices Satan used in tempting Jesus story, what is most significant is that the son of God Jesus still find the need for the scriptures.
    More and more we see in the bible where the experience are for our benefits today. Along with the plan of salvation, Jesus had given us enough resources to take on the daily challenges that life throw at us. God knows that the devil will not stop in the great controversy until he is totally wipe out. But only if we could realize these resources and top into them.

  6. let it be our prayer that God gives us power to flee away from scenes of potential temptations,just like joseph did.its not by our own ability but only the holy spirit can help us.

  7. When the Devil offered Jesus "all the kingdoms of the world" (Matt 4:8), those kingdoms were, in a sense, his to give. What a great advantage it would be in His work! He [and His people] would not have to contend with Imperial or civil opposition. No persecution! This would mean that the door would be open [wide open] for the proclamation of the Gospel.

    But all the kingdoms were offered on the condition that Jesus would [just once] "fall down and worship" the Devil. Tempting? It is difficult to imagine that this would have been anything other than repulsive to the Son of Man. But for a moment there must have been something tempting to that hugely unselfish Man. The "worship" would not need to continue... and a "token gesture" would suffice. But would Jesus entertain any such thoughts! Absolutely not!

    Years later the Devil brought [in effect] the same temptation to the young church at Rome, and little by little, the church succumbed to it. The kingdoms and all their glory were given into her hand. Initially, she imagined that she was doing God a service, and that she possessed the kingdoms of the world "by Divine right".

    Step by step she was able to weave her "universal" faith into the civil legislation of many States. But what a monster she created! And unbeknown to her, she worshiped the Devil when she imagined that she was worshiping the God of heaven.

    The temptation to blend Church and State has been, and continues to be, a strong temptation for many professed Christians.

    There WILL be a time when "the kingdoms of this world [will] become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ" (Rev 11:15), but that time has not yet come.

  8. It is true that the devil uses our weakness to achieve his mission therefore, let us atand film in jesus to ovecome the devil,let continue being praying without ceasing for the wholly spirit


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