Thursday: Gentleness and Self-Control

Read Galatians 5:23 and Matthew 5:5. Why is meekness or gentleness so important for Christlike leadership?

Gentleness or meekness does not mean weakness. It is not cowardice or lack of leadership.

Fruit of the Spirit

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On the contrary, Moses was called the meekest man on earth (Num. 12:3); yet, he was a powerful leader of God’s people. Meek people are not boisterous, quarrelsome, or selfishly aggressive. Instead they serve in a gentle spirit. Meekness can be the outward expression of an inward faith and confidence, not in oneself of course but in the power of God, which works within us. Oftentimes, those who are loud, boisterous, and assertive are covering up insecurities and fears.

Read Galatians 5:23 and Proverbs 16:32. What misery comes when we do not exercise self-control? What blessings do we gain if we are self-controlled and temperate in our lives?

The last aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is temperance or self-control. Here is where we all need to be careful, for who doesn’t struggle, in one area or another, with self-mastery? Before one can rule a city, a community, or a church, one has to be able to control his or her own spirit. True temperance is control not only over food and drink, but over every phase of life.

All the above-mentioned aspects are part of the one fruit of the Spirit. When the Bible describes God’s work in our lives, the ethical aspects of holiness have priority over the charismatic gifts. Christlikeness in all its facets is what really matters in the life of the believer. Because the fruit of the Spirit is the common distinguishing mark of all believers everywhere, it produces a visible unity in His church.

Think about areas of your life in which you should be more self-controlled. Perhaps you are in one area but not so much in another? Why is it important to have, through the power of God, control over all areas? Bring your answer to class on Sabbath.


Thursday: Gentleness and Self-Control — 11 Comments

  1. I think sometimes a person needs to be assertive or people take advantage of your quiet spirit. You are thought of as a soft touch.

    • I believe it all depends on the situation and on *what* we assert. Self-assertiveness is not a Christian virtue. Standing strong for the right is. As the lesson reminds us, Moses was considered more humble/meek than any other person on earth. (Numbers 12:3) Yet he fearlessly stood up to the mightiest ruler of this earth. That's because he had bowed low before the King of kings, and no earthly ruler could intimidate him. He was also a strong and steady leader of an unruly mob of over 2 million people. Again, it was His dependence on God that gave Him this strength.

    • When people get twisted into a knot, trying to take advantage of your quiet, non combative spirit they become shocked at your strength and are subdued. They can't understand your calm, ( like Jesus going to the cross willingly). They get a true sense of strength. I have had this played out with an older brother in law, who was a fighter in the past. It was like angels keeping him at bay, and because of my calm and not blaming him by this he was overcome. During such a time it is our cue to reveal God more then usual.

  2. I pray that I turn over all control of my life to the Holy Spirit, so there is no conflict with self and God's will. May it make me firm in upholding God's word and to be of service to others in humility.

    • That's my prayer for my life because without self control many situations have gone the wrong way for me. So my submission is to the Holy Spirit to gain control of me and may God's long suffering be towards me praise the Lord

  3. Meekness is just powerful, imagine Moses in the midst of a riotous mob, full of complaints, quarrels and criticism, lacking faith and steadfastness. Yet Moses being positioned by God to lead his people he was humble and patient with that rebellious Nation. It reminds me Phil 2:5-11, humility is the very mind of Christ and guaranteed if you humble yourself God will surely lift you up

  4. Perhaps, just a word of caution in our modern world of psychological manipulation. Gentleness and meekness can be used as powerful tools for controlling perception. I have often seen committees persuaded by the appearance of gentleness, meekness and humility, that was masking another agenda such as self-interest. Even in the church environment when it comes to some of the big issues that challenge out thinking, there are those who play the games of meekness.

    Sometimes it is difficult to examine our own hearts to determine whether we are acting in humility, or self-interest. One of the things that I have learned is that it is very easy to tell lies to yourself!

  5. majority of mans grief comes from lack of self control..anyone under the sun can only become great when he\she exercises self control in all his or her dealings,for us to develop this habit of self control,we have to master our thoughts through Christ who strengthens us..remember we have the power over our minds-and not outside events realise this and you will find strength and peace through the help of the holy spirit

  6. When the Spirit of God gives us the victory and mastery over selfish motives and self-seeking, we don't have to worry about whether we will be taken advantage of or misjudged because of our quiet, gentle and self controlled actions.

    Exodus 4:11-12, God tells Moses (and us) He created our mouths, ears and He will be with us guiding all the way.

    He also promises in Isaiah 41:10, He will strengthen, help and uphold us with His mighty righteous hand.

    If we are willing to surrender and trust Him it's amazing what He will do for and through us.

    • It is motivated by lack of trust in the lord. If we trust in the lord he becomes our weapon. This is why the bible says fear not..


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