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  1. Remind me of the name of the two sons of eli, how old were they by the time of Eli'sdeath at 98. Thanks. Harrison, kampala uganda.

    • Hophni and Phineas died before Eli because they were perverting the office of priesthood and Eli did not discipline them. 1 Samuel 3:10-14 and 1 Samuel 4:1-22.

      • Good references Lecates and Earl. It appears also that Eli did SPEAK with his sons. He protested to them about their womanizing etc. (1Sam 2:23-24), but words were not enough. Eli needed to do something. It was such a tragic episode! "his sons made themselves vile, and he (Eli) restrained them not." (1Sam 3:13) Eli literally needed to remove them from the ministry (for their own sakes and for his, etc.)... because his words were simply not enough.

        Eli didn't lament for his sons when he heard they were finally killed, but when he heard that the Ark of the Covenant had been taken by the Philistines, that shook him so much that he fell over and died. (2Sam 4:17-18)

  2. Eli was an indulgent father. Not disciplining and correcting our children is a species of idolatry. It shows that we honor our children above God. A frightening thought indeed.

    • Ray, what do you think happened when it came to Samuel? The young boy's would-be brothers were loose-cannons, but was Eli any firmer when it came to Samuel? Where did Samuel's discipline come from?

  3. Discipline - that is a big issue and many have completely different ways.
    Is discipline good? What is discipline?
    In my youth we often heard quoted "spare the rod and spoil the child", now in some countries it is against the Law to hit your child at all?

  4. Even thought this was written so long ago We are very much living it today.With in the church and our family. Too much comprising of beliefs and and the truth because we feared that we will be hated when standing up for the truth. The Bible says " spear not the rod and spoil the child" we stray from Bible teaching and say "child abuse" these day we as parents don't scold or want to point out the correct way or the truth to our children thus they grow up rebellious and lacking the true knowledge about God, likewise in the church; because we don't want to hurt our church brother or sister we act/ behave as all is well even though we see the living in extramarital affairs, committing adultery and doing pleasures of the world.In the end we have family just the same as Eli and Samuel.The difference is that we are not living as long as in the days of Eli so therefore we have a shorter time to get it right with God and or families and friends with NO room for second guessing nor mistakes.The greatest thing about this controversy we need to remember the battle is not with man/ flesh and blood but with Satan who needs our body and minds to carry out his works and missions..

    • This hit the mark in my own personal walk towards Christ and my responsibilities as a christian parent. I need power and strength from God to lead my children and my family in God's path. Somehow, we may all succumb to fall along the road; but I am rejoiced that my God's Grace is sufficient to cover all my shortcomings. This week's lesson offered great insights into my role as a parent, priest, leader, and especially a mother in my lead my children back to our Creator.

  5. Brethren God has a purpose in this quarter's lesson and especially this week.Samuel for instance used his time,energy and life for the glory of God.The question is for the last 24hrs have I gloried God?

  6. This story of Eli's wicked sons only illustrates what has been happening all during the period of the judges in Israel, and even before. Did not Aaron, who was made the head of the priests, make a golden calf for Israel to worship in Moses' absence?

    But don't we also see the effects of this great controversy in Samuel's own home with his fathers 2 wives? This was never God's plan and it always brings discord, alienation and strife wherever we see it in practice.

    As with ancient Israel, so it is today as Satan has led many within the church to buy into his ideas, against the principles of God's character, government and purposes for us.

  7. The issue of freedom of choice is clearly demonstrated in the story of Samuel. What a world of difference between the choices made by Hophni and Phineas and the little boy Samuel, though all lived in the same household and were under the guidance and influence of the same father, who was the God's Priest and appointed representative to govern all His people. However,young Samuel, the baby of the family you might say, was the only one manifesting Priestly behavior. He lived in obedience to the expressed will of God to whom his heart was attuned though it cannot be ignored that much of Samuel's instruction came from his guardian, Eli, the Priest.
    Later on the Bible says that Samuel met the same fate as Eli when his sons chose the same path of disobedience and rebellion against God that Eli's sons did. I'm sure Samuel must have done his best especially having seen first hand the sad end of Hophni and Phineas but God does not force anyone into compliance, "kicking and screaming" against his or her will.
    This freedom is exactly why we see the drama of the Great Controversy being played out since the time of the fall of Lucifer whose choice and influence had a direct impact on the CHOICES of Adam and Eve. I pray that we each submit our God-given power of choice to the influence of His Holy Spirit for good.

  8. I grew up in the era when the strap and cane were used as disciplinary measures in schools. Now after a lifetime of teaching and parenting, you would think that the time has come for me to keep my mouth shut. However, here is what I have learned.

    Disciplining children does not come naturally to a lot of us. We become parents with no training at all and we are fine until we realize that those lovely cuddly babies grow up quickly and become determined and independent.

    The main rule (which I have broken many times) is; do not discipline a child as a reaction to what they have done. Take time to think through the consequences and develop a strategy for discipline. The ultimate goal is that the discipline should be a learning experience for the child.

    What ever strategy you decide to use for discipline, at the end of the day you child should feel loved and respected. A child who is cowering from discipline is frightened, not obedient.

    I have seen parents who have used the rod wisely and well. At the same time I have also seen parents who have not use the rod but who have used verbal abuse as their weapon of discipline. Making rules about what form of discipline parent can use is somewhat arbitrary. The key to god discipline is to develop a wise loving strategy that aims to encourage our children.

    As an example of how ineffective discipline can become: When I was a student, the cane was used as a disciplinary measure and teachers metered it out fairly regularly. In our class we had a complicated military ranking system, all the way from Lance corporal, to Victoria Cross with bars that was awarded be fellow students depending on the number of stripes you got and who you got them from. There was a competition among the students to see who would end up with the highest ranking at the end of the year. Clearly the disciplinary measure had lost its effectiveness.

    Parenting is something that most of us aspire to. Somewhere along the line we need to come to an understanding that good parenting takes a lot of effort

  9. I too, grew up in the same era of corporal punishment, and if you wanted to avoid the cane, you did what you were told or discipline came sure and swift. In other words toe the line or else! so fear was the motivator of our obedience. The teacher was autocratic and no questions asked. This produced the desired result while in school, but after school it was a different story. I think it produced reactionary rebellion.

    Is God an autocrat? Lucifer thought so, he wanted to be like God, and through clever insinuations convinced some of the angelic host that he was right, and led a third of them in rebellion against God's government. He still spreads the same lies on earth as he did in heaven. "You are your own god and the sole arbiter of you destiny, by your works you can rise to the heavenly regions". This philosophy is the base line of Freemasonry and many religions as well as the theme of so called self help books.

    It took the incarnation of God in the Man Jesus to finally reveal the real nature of God, and the real nature of satan. This makes clear the choice we have in the great controversy. Love now becomes the motivator, and we choose to obey Him and His Law through love and our works reflect this.

    Please read Psalm 19:1-11, where David extols creation and the magnificence of the Law. He ends his discourse by declaring in verse 11 "moreover by them (God's Law and statutes) Your servant is warned, and in keeping them there is great reward"

  10. I am a 1930 edition,and was part of a Stick and Carrot Family.My dad was killed at sea, within just 11 months into WW2. Exit:The Stick. Sadly i took advantage of a Loving, Caring, Grieving, Most wonderful Mother. Subconsciously ,at that time,i purposed in my heart, that my children would not be allowed to run wild as i did.

    Fortunately ,5 years in a Royal Naval Training School, brought me back into line ,in no uncertain manner. Discipline with a vengeance,for which i have given thanks.No weapon,only the voice of authority spoken ,with authority.
    You say what you mean,and mean what you say. I always found that to be the way to go, or rather: Walk Softly and wave a big Stick , i have never laid a hand on my children. For which ,again i give thanks.

    Unfortunately "The Rod" is grievously mistaken as a weapon to cause pain, and therefore taken quite out of context.

  11. "Thy rod and Thy staff": For years I was perplexed re the meaning and purpose of the "rod"; however, just this past week John Bradshaw in his daily online devotionals explained the meaning: The rod was used to protect the sheep from harm; the staff was used to gently guide the sheep! Thus our Shepherd is guarding and guiding us--what a beautiful truth!

  12. I'd like to repeat an earlier thought if I may.

    It appears that Eli did SPEAK with his sons. He protested to them about their womanizing etc. (1Sam 2:23-24), but words were not enough. Eli needed to do something. It really was such a tragic episode! "his sons made themselves vile, and he restrained them not." (1Sam 3:13) Eli literally needed to remove them from the ministry (for their own sakes and for his, etc.)... because his words were simply not enough.

    I've no doubt that Eli feared for his sons; he knew they were risking their lives, but he didn't seem to be able to stand up to them. The result was a personal and a national calamity, summed up in the naming of the baby (Eli's grandson) that was born soon after it happened - "Ichabod" - the glory is departed. (1Sam 4:21-22)


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