Tuesday: The Centurion

While several of Christ’s encounters with powerful people ended acrimoniously, there were notable exceptions, such as with Nicodemus. Another constructive meeting involved a Roman centurion (ranking military officer).

Image © Pacific Press from GoodSalt.com

Image © Pacific Press from GoodSalt.com


Read Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. What can we learn from these accounts about witnessing to people in power?

When the centurion learned that Jesus was approaching, he dispatched several friends to dissuade Christ from coming. Deeply respecting Jewish worship and Jesus’ spirituality, he felt undeserving of Christ’s personal attention. Finally, just before Jesus arrived, he ventured to approach Him. He explained the situation, expressing faith that Christ’s declaration alone could restore the servant. Drawing on military experience, he understood authority. He obeyed his commanding officer, and his subordinates obeyed him. How amazing that this man of power and influence (and a Roman, as well!) could show such deep faith when many who had so many more spiritual advantages spurned Jesus.

Honest self-examination is profitable here. We need to ask ourselves if we have become complacent and are merely espousing correct doctrines instead of experiencing living faith? Have newer, lesser-equipped believers nevertheless expressed deeper faith than those raised within Christianity? Have our spiritual advantages become occasions for self-dependency? Have spiritual opportunities escaped unnoticed? Whenever we answer affirmatively, Christ is the answer. Anyone can enjoy the centurion’s experience. This story should encourage those evangelizing among people in powerful positions. How many twenty-first century centurions are there? May their faith inspire and strengthen ours.

There is a power to a selflessness and self-abnegating ministry that can touch anyone of any rank or class. What of these traits do we manifest in our own lives and witness?



Tuesday: The Centurion — 8 Comments

  1. we the christians of today we are too complacent than of the old.simply because we have saved as church leaders for so long and our actions are not of godlyness.

  2. Jesus Christ is the answer. Even if sometimes we face so many challenges in life but let us know that when when we abide our needs to Him, He is ready to assist us both spiritually and physically.

  3. The Centurion recognized that he was not worthy to have Jesus at his house. The Centurion (Gentile)in his humility showed great faith in Jesus than the religious leaders.
    Jesus died so that we may be worthy to sit with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in His kingdom. As we exercise faith and trust in Jesus today, He will hear our request and answer our prayers.

  4. When Jesus speaks it is done. When we have Faith in Jesus that something can be done, it is through the power of the Holy Spirit. We must know the work of the Trinity. God the Master Planner/Designer, Jesus Commands and the Holy Spirit action the Plan.
    The story of the Centurion is touching, what a great Faith.. It reminds me of John 1:1.

  5. The question for today is; What can we learn from these accounts about witnessing to people in power.
    1. It is possible to witness to anyone-in or out of power.
    2. You have to be genuine/can't take sides.(as mention in yesterday study about one taking sides in politics).
    3. You must possess something that money can't buy that the rich needs so badly.

  6. Yes Marva I agree that if you can offer the rich and the ifluentials something that their money cannot buy you may reach them. But I always think of where do I stand in the situation. Is my own conduct, relationship and purpose to heal or redeem the same as was with Jesus. We must never forget that Jesus did not only came as a Redeemer but as a Wonderful Counselor, and I must seek His councel in every situation that we are dealing with as in how to act every time. Jesus clearly told us that if we lack wisdom that He will give us what we need. Genuiness is most important, and make sure that the person you try to reach know that you care about him/her. God bless.

  7. "Nothing but repentance toward God and faith in Christ can save the sinner. The grace of Christ cannot be purchased;it is a free gift." Great Controversy, p. 129

    the faith of the centurion saved his servant. the actions of Christ as intercessor saved humanity. when we are led by the holy spirit, our action and words will be manifestations of Christ power working in and through us. those that we come into contact with will see the light that is being shed upon the circumstances of the matter. CHRISTIAN LOVE!!!

  8. Can so one clarify something for me. Was the Roman centurion's resistance to host Christ in his home out of fear or faith? And can Christians today make constructive decisions in their spiritual lives out of fear of the consequences?


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