Tuesday: The Power of the Law

According to Romans 4:15, Romans 5:13, and Romans 7:7, what is the function of the law? Also, what does Romans 7:8-11 say about the effect that the law has on the person who violates it?

Image © Justinen Creative from GoodSalt.com

Image © Justinen Creative from GoodSalt.com

Every instrument has its purpose. Just as a key is used for opening a lock or a knife is used for cutting, so the law is used to define sin. Had it not been for God’s law, there would be no absolute method of knowing what actions were acceptable or unacceptable to Him. And though sin cannot exist without the law, Paul makes it clear that the law is not a willing partner with sin: Did what is good, then, bring death to me? By no means! It was sin, working death in me through what is good, in order that sin might be shown to be sin, and through the commandment might become sinful beyond measure (Rom. 7:13, NRSV).

In what ways do the above texts help to shed light on 1 Corinthians 15:54-58?

If read in isolation, 1 Corinthians 15:54-58 would appear to promote a negative view of God’s law. Paul’s point, however, is that the law empowers sin only because it defines what sin is. And, of course, the wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23). Had it not been for the law, there would be no death because it would be impossible to define sin. In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul’s purpose is not to demonize the law but to demonstrate how, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, all who believe can experience victory over death, a death which comes because of violation of the law.

When was the last time that someone sinned against you, that is, the last time that someone violated God’s law in a way that hurt you? How does such an experience help us to understand why the idea that states that God’s law was abolished after the Cross is so wrong?



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  1. According to Romans 6v23 Paul wrote the text after the cross. And Jesus commented again that He ddnt come to do away with the law bt to fulfill so every law is a blessing to those who look at it as a mirror of reflecting our weaknesses and pointing to His everlasting love and mercy for us

  2. As the text clearly states there would be no sin if there wasn't any law..... Laws/commandments were given unto us by God as a guardrail for our lives and until we realize that we will never fully understand the extend of law........... Roman 6:23 rightfully tell us that the wages if sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life and that should be our aim as we walk this pilgrim journey

  3. Blessings, Saints of God, As we read and study the lessons for each day, we see how great our Savior is to us sinners. Amen, his plan for Salvation was made, Jesus knowing how evil mans mind and heart is, he gave us the ten commandment to lead us away from sin, gave us chance of life, so that we could be with him again in life everlasting, what an awesome God we serve.
    God said that the wages of sin is death, that dose not mean, that as soon as we sin that we will drop dead on the spot, it's saying that their is a price we will pay, as we see every day how our love ones passes away, how we see un-necessary killings, ungodly things happening around us, our family and friends get diseases that eventually take their lives, but as Christians we have the commandments, that teaches us and points us to wright and wrong sharpen our minds and hearts, and could lets us come to God and ask for forgiveness, of our sins, and it give us the the opportunity to tell others about the wonderful loving, and forgiving God we serve.
    The commandments is to not only teach us right and wrong, but also to show us how much God loves us, what he did for us through his son Jesus, how he died and suffer for our sins. The only one could understand what the wages of sin really mean, and how great his plan for us is, and soon and very soon, we will all say, O death where is thy sting. Praise God for his dearly beloved Son. Amen!
    So let's say Praise God for the Cross, Praise him for his son, Praise him for Salvation, Praise him for his promises, of going to prepare a palace for us, and he would come again and receive us onto his self, that where he is there we would be also. Just think! No more sin, no more sickness, no more crying in vain, no more need for lies, no more death. O precious Father come quickly Lord, come quickly. Praise God. Amen.

  4. Can a Man correct God No at all. It is God who created us and He gave us these Law for the law to guide us to walk in the way of the not the way of Satan! remember it was this same law that define the sin of Adam and Eve! how then can God abolished the law!?.when you look at the New testament Jesus Christ did not abolished any Law including the Sabbath. and that is why Jesus Himself said do not think i come to do away with the of Moses and of the prophets no but to fulfill them. then if the law including the sabbath was n ail on the cross it then means that every body is free to do whatever he/she like because the Law help us to define what is Sin has been abolished!. in fact even Paul in Romans 7:12 tells us how important the law is, the law itself is holy, and its commands are holy and right and good. .... holy, because of its author, the holy God, from whom nothing can come. who is the Author? of cause God,the Son Jesus from whom we all center hope on Him along. what i will say here is every human most at last make a decision weather to obey God's law or Men's law!. that Paul was encouraging the new converted believers in colossians 2:16 to be very careful in obeying the law in their own way not the way of God! he said these are laws and traditions of men.

  5. Hmmm! What a powerful statement, God's law,define sin.Without God's law we wouldn't have known what sin is.

  6. My brethren Shakeria, I like how you spoke about the law as a guardrail. Where I live, we have guardrails but not everywhere on the roads. But I realized where the guardrails were found points out the dangerous parts of the road. Those parts of the road, if an accident occurs, one will die. Comparing it to the law, despite the law is present, the law is harmless and helpless to us. But it points out sin and helps us as we study the law. We afterward go to Jesus who will help us live above sin.

  7. The law is not a restriction to those who love and fear God for who he is and who also know their own limitations (our mortality). Those who desire to do good and please God (knowing we are accountable) will think about and apply his law to their lives and be grateful for it. It will guide them in making choices.

  8. The law should be in our hearts...meanwhile our duty is to seek salvation through faith in our hearts that Jesus Christ died and rose again and He did set us free

  9. The law is the Character of God. We learned from previous lessons how the Pharisees had taken the law and attempted to put a hedge around it to protect it. We also learned how short of the mark they were.

    Jesus life demonstrates the Character of God. Therefore he also demonstrated the law in action. When comparing Jesus life to our own we realise how short of the law we are, whether we put a hedge around the law or not. It shows us that while we are one with sin, we will never be able to meet the requirements of the law. This is the power of the law and by this power we stand condemned.

  10. I do remember the time when someone wronged me and it really hurts me, even though I forgave that person the wrong deed she did to me it often comes back to my mind.
    In accordance to how Paul talks about law, it's that the person who wronged me broke the law that very day she wronged me. I also feel guilty every time I recall her wrong towards me.

    Please help me because I have no peace in my heart because of my contradiction, if its sin for me to recall her wrong, yet I forgave her!!


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