Tuesday: “We Would See Jesus”

Read John 12:20-32. How is the universality of the gospel message revealed in these verses?

Image © Providence Collection from GoodSalt.com

Image © Providence Collection from GoodSalt.com

Jerusalem was buzzing with rumors. Christ’s triumphal entry had just occurred. Hosannas, though, were quickly replaced by questions. What was going to happen next? Would Jesus be crowned king?

Among the crowd assembling for Passover were Greek worshipers. Notice their words to Philip, Sir, we would see Jesus. In other words, they wanted to see Jesus. They wanted to be with Him. They wanted to learn from Him. What a testimony to the universal character of Christ and His message! How sad, too, that those who should have said the same thing were the very ones who wanted to be rid of Him.

The Greeks probably approached Philip because he carried a Greek name. Coming from Bethsaida, a commercial fishing center-hence, a cultural melting pot-he probably spoke their language too. The text suggests that Jesus was not immediately present. Perhaps He worshiped nearby in places reserved for Jews.

Then, however, joining His disciples and the Greek interviewers within the outer court, Jesus granted these men their wish. Notice what He said to them: If any man, meaning any man, woman, Jew, Greek, wanted to follow Him, they could, but it would come at a cost.

What was that cost? How do we understand the meaning of this? See John 12:25.

Then, with these foreigners still present, heaven thundered a confirming message of judgment and conquest. That voice was heard, Jesus said, not for Him but for them, Jew and Greek, that their faith could be strengthened. Christ’s words immediately affirmed that His death was to be for all the world.



Tuesday: “We Would See Jesus” — 5 Comments

  1. The Greeks came to see Jesus at a very crucial time in His ministry. We are encouraged by this encounter, we, you, and I need to ''see Jesus'' always to be in constant communication in order to build a meaningful relationship with Him through meditation in His holy word.

  2. The church of God should be the mechanism through which the whole world should hear about the loving saving savior.It is like Noah's ark through which the antediluvian's could be saved.Everyone in the body of Christ should then aim to extend the grace of Christ freely for we have freely received.

  3. If we serve and follow Jesus , we first have to die to self and deny self. If we die to self we can bear the fruit of the spirit and cooperate with the spirit in reaching other nations for God. Then we can be where Jesus is.

  4. Jesus says if anyone serves him, let him follow me. Jesus says that any one that follows him and serves him will be with him and his father would honor him. Jesus opens salvation up to "anyone" that will serve and follow him. Jew, Gentile, male , female, boy, girl, child.

  5. Here we are going on 2000 years after Christ paid the ultimate sacrafice for us. So how do we see Jesus now? I do believe through His word, and with pray, remembering that prayer is a two way street. I really don't think it matters whether you are driving from the left side of your car or the right side of your car. Just talk to God and spend time listening to God too. It helps to have something to talk about if you have read His book.


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