Tuesday: The Rage of Nations

Read Revelation 14:7. What judgment is this verse talking about?

Image © Steve Creitz from GoodSalt.com

Image © Steve Creitz from GoodSalt.com

The judgment proclaimed here begins before the return of Christ, which is described in Revelation 14:14–20. It is, therefore, the same as the pre-Advent judgment of Daniel 7. Its beginning, which Daniel 8:14 anchors in the year 1844, coincides with the fact that the three angels’ messages call people to worship God and turn away from the beast and its “image.” This “image” came into existence only after the prophetic forty-two months, as with the 1,260 days (because they are the same thing), which ended in 1798 A.D. (Rev. 13:3–5, 12–14).

As the final call in Revelation 14:6–12 goes out, the door of mercy is still open, because people are still being called to turn away from Babylon and worship the true God.

What does God’s judgment encompass? Rev. 11:17-18.

God reacts to the rage of the nations by revealing His power. Revelation 13 depicts this rage, which Satan’s wrath has incited (Rev. 12:17). From the perspective of the oppressed believers, whose perennial plea is the call for divine judgment (Rev. 6:10), the judgment might seem long overdue. However, it begins at the prophesied time, and the eschatological Day of Atonement takes its course all according to God’s plan.

Revelation 11:17-18 gives a short overview of God’s judgment. It begins in heaven and is brought to earth, when God destroys the wicked powers that corrupted mankind (Rev. 19:2). God’s wrath originates in the heavenly sanctuary and is poured out in the seven plagues (Revelation 15–18).

At the Second Advent, God will also reward the faithful (Rev. 22:12). Finally, God judges the dead and eradicates evil (Rev. 20:11–15). When all is over, God’s character stands vindicated before the on looking universe. Everyone can see that He is just and fair in all His ways. For now, our challenge is to cling to Him with all our heart and soul and mind, trusting that all this will come to pass in God’s appointed time.



Tuesday: The Rage of Nations — 7 Comments

  1. I beginning of Revelation 14 and saying the 144,000 are there in heaven with him .have they been there since how long ago waiting for God to pass judgement on the earth. my question is how long have they been there.

    • When you gathered and exhausted all Bible texts on the 144,000, you will find that this number identify those that will be sealed before the 7 last plagues fall, and will live and walk through during the manifestation of these 7 Plagues. These will be the Ones that will be alive at the Second Coming of Jesus. They will witness the fulfillment of the wrath of God on this earth and how God will bound Satan and his angels on this desolate and ruined planet for a thousand years. God will not permit Satan and his angels access beyond this ruined planet from the result of those 7 last plagues. Strive to be in that number. Cheers!!!

  2. Hi William, since Revelation 13 ends with the mark of the beast, it is my personal understanding that Revelation 14 follows with the contrast of those who took the mark with those (the 144,000) who did not. So if my understanding is correct, the 144,000 will be in heaven after the final conflict resulting in people either taking the mark of the beast or the seal of God right before the second coming. Therefore the 144,000 would be those who are alive when Jesus returns and will take them to heaven without them ever experiencing death.

    Revelation 6 ends with the sixth seal and the question "who will be able to stand" or live instead of asking the rocks and stones to fall on them and hide them from the Lamb of God? Chapter 7 answers that question with the 144,000 who are sealed with the character of God instead of the mark of the beast.

    Then after the question at the end of Revelation 6 has been answered in chapter 7, John goes on to describe the 7th seal in Chapter 8 which is the second coming. The 144,00 will be those who live through the 2nd coming instead of being destroyed. They go to heaven with Jesus and those who have been sleeping in Jesus who are now resurrected.

    Malachi 3:1-3 asks the question, "who may abide the day of His coming?" Or who can live when He appears? The passage goes on to explain those who have been cleansed. Thus the cleansing of the sanctuary or God's people. Again a mini version of Revelation 6-8.

    So to answer your question, if I am correct, then the 144,000 are not heaven right now, but John saw that they will be after the final conflict between good and evil and the 2nd coming.

  3. My struggle with this number is whether or not this number is figurative or it stands. Then again all I need to be concerned about is to be faithful. Please pray for me

  4. Amen thank you William Earnhardt and Jay ilaua I think you are very correct my brethrens the 12 tribes of Jacob (14400) is not in heaven right now, but are the righteous- ones who will be found alive by the Son of man it can be me or you!! E.White says "we have to strive to be in that number!!

    • May I add to the answer on the question regarding the 144,000. Remember in the typical day of atonement, when Aaron finished the cleansing of the sanctuary, when he came out, part of the congregation was also cleansed while the rest who did not take the cleansing seriously were cut off. The cleansed congregation represents the 144,000. These people will never experience death but will be translated to heaven alive.

      Christ has not come out yet of the Most Holy Place today but still in the process of cleansing it so we have still the chance to be part of the 144,000.

  5. What judgment is Rev.7:14 talking about? God had historically set up kings and kingdoms over the world including Egypt, Assyria, Babylon… and Israel. All failed to righteously judge the people. Last of all he took the kingdom away from Israel and established his Son and his people as King (Matt.21:43,44; Ps.2; Isa.11:1-5). He takes the government on His shoulder and all peoples are to give allegiance to Him. He rules with righteous judgment especially for the poor…. Peter in Acts 4:25-30 quoted Ps.2 when applying the rage of the kinsgs and rulers of the earth- Herod, Pilate, Gentiles and the peoples of Israel- against Christ and His people. The Father resurrected the Son and established on the throne ( 1Cor.15) and gave all authority in heaven and earth and he went forth conquering having given his people authority and power to make disciples of all nations growing His kingdom to occupy the whole earth.
    It is these first disciples who declared “ Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment is come.”


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