Valleys and Mountains

And He said to them, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” Mark 4:9, NKJV

Image © Rolf Jansson from

Image © Rolf Jansson from

I recently began wearing hearing aids. Before that, my children would say I was “hard of hearing.” I accused them of mumbling. During the first church service I was aided, I was amazed I could hear the prayer requests from the very back pew when I was at the front of the sanctuary.

The audiologist tells me repeatedly, “We don’t hear with our ears. They are just to gather sound and transmit it to the brain. The brain processes it before we can truly hear. If some of the equipment is faulty, the information can’t get there.”

Okay. I understand the concept. What I don’t understand is why she has to take what’s comfortable for me currently and adjust it to make my brain work harder. It happens over and over. She tells me it’s for my own good. What?? I’ll have to admit that after an adjustment, I’m exhausted and I sleep very well that night, thank you very much.

On my last visit, she (again) showed me the graph that displays the “wonkiness” of my hearing loss. Most people have loss that’s similar in both ears. I have to be different. Mine is what the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist diagnosed as “mixed”. The audiologist explained that she will eventually adjust the aids so they will match the mountains and valleys on the graph. OUCH! My head aches just thinking about it.

When I began this journey—and it is a journey—I thought I would get the aids, put them on and that would be that. Nope. Not even close to what really happens. Visit after visit is what it takes. Adjustment after adjustment. Headache upon headache and sometimes total exhaustion.

Life is a journey, too. When we begin our spiritual journey, we may be comfortable with what we know. God doesn’t leave us there. He has bigger and, ultimately, better things for us. It’s only through His adjustments that we stretch ourselves and grow. He sees us through the valleys and takes us to the mountains.

Some day the audiologist will retire, but God will always be there.



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  1. Amen! Just recently I acquired my very first indoor plant and I was surprised how fast it's growing. I became a bit discouraged though--because I wasn't growing as fast in my walk with Jesus. So I took the complaint directly to Heaven in prayer. Then Holy Spirit said, that plant is growing because it gets constant light and water. My response: I know that man shall not live my bread alone, hence why I have morning devotion and evening devotion. Holy spirit replied, "not enough.” I’m now in the process of trying to incorporate more bible reading during my devotion, instead of my regular “one chapter only per session.” Also important to pray frequently throughout the day. I’ve managed to cut down on the entertainment like tv, movies, even the sensational news channels that celebrate the devil's work. Complacency, I believe, is the #1 enemy for modern day Christians. God doesn't tolerate a tree that doesn’t bear fruit as much as we don’t stand an indoor plant that doesn’t grow. He who has ears, let him hear!

    • Newton, remember also that water is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. He will both water the Word and fill you with His Spirit if you ask Him. Be continually open and yielded and committed to Him. Most importantly be sure you have asked for forgiveness of all sin; and as you ask Him He will fill you with His Holy Spirit. Eph 5v18; Romans 8v1; Gal 5v16. As you walk in the Spirit He will teach you. God bless your desire to grow

  2. We may be comfortable with what we know but God doesn’t leave us there. If different we will be complacent in this world. Our Doctor drawn us fort to the state of becoming "on line" with heavenly reality. Leaving our sinful nature and ready for dressing up a new body.

    • Well, God ain't gonna force feed his children to make 'em grow. Think of what our heavenly father did for us as getting us free membership at a gym. We still have to drive there and work out in order to lose weight and get in shape. Hence why the apostle Paul said, "work out your salvation in fear and trembling." Philippians 2:12-13. Your comment implicitly blames God for those who don't grow in Christ. Blaming is what we're good at. We have a genetic predisposition for that which we inherited from our first parents. God help us.

      • My English is not sufficient, there is room for misunderstanding. Also if I understood you, must say I have problem with that anti-Tv and move religion. You wil not grow by not watching tv. Eventualy you will see that. When Ford manifactured first car and car was on the road people attack it because they don't see horse power and think the devil is moving vehicles.

  3. Tommie, thank you for reminding us that God needs to get us out of our comfort zone to help us hear with "new ears" - to truly hear His voice to us and follow His directions. His message to us in Rev 3:18 implies that we also need new eyes, as well as new clothes and riches only Jesus can offer.

  4. Tommie, thank you for amplifying the word by illustrating with your experience. You are quite right: we do need a specialist to open our ears/open our brains. Understanding comes with hearing. "Faith comes by hearing; and hearing by the Word of God". Ah, so the great amplifying instrument is the Word of God, and faith the differentiating gray matter.
    The greek word translated "to hear" means to hear with the understanding. Understand the persons past, present, hopes for the future, motives, intentions, joy and laughter, grief and tears, African or American,kkk or .... To hear God, with understanding, only the Holy Spirit can reveal so we can hear; for with our totally different experience, we are not able to enter His world. Walk with Me, He invites.


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