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  1. What does it mean, "their hearts burned within"? I would like to think that they found favor with God. He sparked a desire to shine through out their hearts, setting their whole countenance aglow. Read with me Job 22:27-29 from the Amplified Bible. Job 22:27-29.
    "You will make your prayer to Him, and He will hear you, and you will pay your vows.
    You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways.
    When they make [you] low, you will say, [There is] a lifting up; and the humble person He lifts up and saves."
    Praying personally on a daily basis, reviewing Bible texts daily (Some may even be put to memory) goes a long way to being effective in personal ministry.

  2. When you hear the truth it will penetrate your heart. These disciples just realized that they were forewarned about Jesus' death and resurrection, but they forgot what to expect. No wonder Jesus rebuked them harshly: "O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoke ." Prophecy has reveal to us what to expect in these last days; do we marvel about the political instabilities and ungodliness that we see?


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