Wednesday: Center of Divine and Communal Activity

Read 1 Kings 8:31–53. What more does this text teach us about the function of the sanctuary?

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Image © Erik Stenbakken from

At the dedication ceremony of the newly built temple, King Solomon offered seven cases of specific prayers that could be offered at the temple. The seven functions exemplify the extensive role of the temple in the lives of the Israelites. The temple was a place for seeking forgiveness (vs. 30); for oath swearing (vss. 31, 32); for supplication when defeated (vss. 33, 34); for petition when faced with drought (vss. 35, 36) or other disasters (vss. 37-40). It was also a place for the alien to pray (vss. 41-43), as well as a place to petition for victory (vss. 44, 45).

That the temple was intended to be a “ ‘house of prayer for all the peoples’ ” (Isa. 56:7, NASB) becomes evident from the fact that Solomon envisioned the individual Israelite, the foreigner, and the entire people as petitioners.

The sanctuary was the ideological center of basically all activity in Israel. Religion was not part of the believer’s life, not even a major one; it was life. What does this tell us about the role that our faith should play in our own lives, as well?

When the people wanted to receive advice or judgment, or if they repented of their sins, they went to the sanctuary. The sanctuary was also the hub of life during the desert years of Israel. When God desired to communicate to His people, He did so from the sanctuary (Exod. 25:22). Therefore it is appropriately called the “tent of meeting” (for example, Lev. 1:1, NASB).

Think about your prayer life. How deep, how rich, how faith-affirming and life changing is it? Perhaps the first question you need to ask yourself is: how much time do I spend in prayer?



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  1. Many at times we do sin against our God en this separates us from God but through a typical sanctuary on earth we are motivated that once we realise we have gone astray and come back to our father and pray fo forgivenes of our sins then our gracious God is ready to forgive us. God himself from 2 chronicles 7:14 is real promising us to pardon our sins if we turn away from our inquities and pray to him.think its high time we reflect the significance of the sanctuary.

  2. The sanctuary built Solomon became centre of supplication, forginess centre, a place of solution to various problems. This shows to us that God is still interested in the business of men, no wonder solomon prayer on the day of the temple dedication was heard. Today, if you devote yourself and fervently pray the Lord is ready to answer remeber now that you and i are HIS temple.

  3. As the Hebrew sanctuary was central to the life of Israel, so the heavenly sanctuary should be central to our life - with all our plans and thoughts centering on the work of Christ for the salvation of man.

    That would mean that the major reference point for our decision making should not only be, "How will this affect God's plan for the salvation of humanity?" (The life of a Christian either testifies for God or against Him.)

  4. The sanctuary in other words is the dwelling place of..and all the intercession are been done there, it also noted that the sanctuary on was the symbolic pattern of the heavenly my own way I say, sanctuary is the centre of salvation...god dwell in his sanctuary but ha is still every where...dat musn't confuse us, because he has made us known dat heaven is his throne and earth his footstooll...I pray God to grant us his wisdom to understand the gospel AMEN!

    • Benjamin, look back in the lesson study quarterly to Tuesday, October 8, it will give you a clearer understanding. The Tabernacle was to be a place where God can meet his people. god thought them about the shedding of blood for their sins. This was all about the future coming of Jesus to be our ultimate sacrafice for the worlds sins. Thus shedding of His Blood.
      I see the table of 12 Showbread pieces to represent two things. 1. 12 Tribes of Isreal, and most importantly to me, Jesus is the Bread of Life. I found that the Rod of Aaron that bloomed represents the Christ resurrection. I hope this will help. This is my first time commenting. I read all the wonderful comments and feel like I have a lot to learn. God Bless

  5. It is important to note from today's lesson that there is a place for the Israelite and foreigner in the temple of God because God is not a respector of person. We sometimes tend to claim God's presence and favour exclusively for us. We must always remember that the dimensions of the ark and the mercy seat was identical which means that God's righteosness and His grace are equal and from today's lesson it can be taken that the same grace that is available for the Israelite is available for the foreigner too.

  6. What does God desires from us with the freedom of choice option? Since He has created us in his own image, he expects the character of us to be like his. Here we fall short in His expectations!

  7. Religion was not just part of the Israelite nation. It was all about life. The time we spend re-examining ourselves, meditating upon God's word,praying and exercising our faith matters is pertinent in maintaining our relationship with God.

  8. A prayerful Christian is the most powerful person you can ever meet. My personal experience shows the more time I spend with God makes my life easier, helps me love those I relate with more and better...In fact, Prayer is truly "the key."

  9. We Should Spend Most Of Our Time Communicating With God. God Still Has the Same Lov He Had 4 Us and Thats Why It Is Easier To Communicate With Him. You Dont Have To Be In Church for You To ,Its Anywhere, You Dont Have To Go To A Priest, Jesus Is Already There,. We Ought To Be Closer To God Than Ever.

  10. Criticism over disappointment of 1844 led pioneers and us to understand the ideological concept of salvation. The sanctuary being an instrument of God to make men understand that without shedding blood on altar there is no remission of sin. It was fulfilled in Jesus once for all. He has entered the most holy to wind up things before his second coming.

  11. The seven cases Solomon treated in his prayers during sanctuary dedication illustrate all aspects of human problems in all ages in which only God can proffer solution. The sanctuary is a solution home in which anybody, irrespective of race, tribe, ethnicity and even religion, with faith will receive healing, having met God.
    Great victories are won on knees; hence, children of God should spend more time talking to God about their problems than grumbling.
    Thanks everyone for your insightful commentaries.

  12. it is amaizing to note that in as much as we, through our sins had drifted away from God,He still was willing to provide us with another meeting point a place where we would still have to go with our burdens, where we would inquire every aspect of our life and one other intresting aspect is the aspect of the sanctuary being for all kinds of people with all kinds of neends not for specific people what a loving God we save


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