Wednesday: Grace and Truth

(John 1:17)

John condensed the history of salvation into one verse: The law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17, NKJV). As a result of Adam’s sin, all humanity has been affected by the curse of death. The curse is intensified by the fact that no one born to human parents, except Jesus, has been free from sinful inclinations. Therefore, God selected a people to whom He revealed His law, intending that those elected would be His light to the other nations. God did not give the law to Israel as a means to salvation but as a constant reminder of their need for righteousness.

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What do Philippians 2:8, John 15:10, and Matthew 26:39 tell us about the kind of life that Jesus lived?

When he disobeyed the express command of God, the first Adam plunged the entire world into disarray and bondage. On the other hand, through His obedient life, the Second Adam, Jesus, came to deliver the world from the bondage that the first Adam had brought. When Jesus walked this earth, He voluntarily subjected His own will to the will of His Father and chose not to sin. Unlike the first Adam, who brought condemnation and falsehood into the world, Jesus brought in grace and truth. Grace and truth did not supplant the law. Jesus showed, instead, why the law alone was not enough to procure salvation. The truth that He brought was a more complete understanding of grace.

According to Romans 6:23 and Ephesians 2:8, what is the nature of the grace that originates in Jesus? How did Jesus supply grace for humans?

The Greek word translated as grace (charis) can also mean gift and is related to the term for joy (chara). The gift that Jesus gives to humanity is eternal life. Further, grace manifests itself as the indwelling presence of Christ that enables the individual to participate in the righteousness that the law promotes. Paul states that in condemning sin in the flesh, Jesus has made it possible for the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us (Rom. 8:4, NKJV). Grace not only frees us from the condemnation of the law, but it enables us to keep the law in the way that we are called to do.



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  1. "As a result of Adam's sin, all humanity has been affected by the curse of death.

    The curse is intensified by the fact that 'no one born to human parents, except Jesus, has been free from sinful inclinations.'"

    I would feel a bit uneasy before such an affirmation if I didn't understand.
    I imagine someone who doesn't know Jesus. Wouldn't there be a few questions.
    If He had all the qualities then where would be the challenge?
    If Jesus was born naturally free from sinful inclinations, could one also say there was no reason for Him to ever make choices? Wasn't Jesus subjected to temptations as every human being?
    If Jesus was free from sinful inclinations it must be underlined. Tell why. One should understand that"HE" CHOOSE NOT TO SIN. He had no innate privilege. To accomplish His mission on earth He had to be without sin. Salvation is a serious matter. Gen.3:15. Jesus' legitmity to a righteousness life on earth is not risen from favorised phenomenon. It was His decision in face of any temptation. "He was subjected to temptations as we are. He was without sin. This makes Him a superior being.

  2. Dear SSnet members I want to share this quotation from Ellen White. "The life of a true Christian is a life of constant prayer. He knows that the light and strength of one day is not sufficient for the trials and conflicts of the next. Satan is continually changing his temptations. Every day we shall be placed in different circumstances; and in the untried scenes that await us we shall be surrounded by fresh dangers, and constantly assailed by new and unexpected temptations. It is only through the strength and grace gained from heaven that we can hope to meet the temptations and perform the duties before us."

    • Eileen, that is true, that is why as mentioned yesterday, we must take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others. In this circumstance, we have to spend time with God 1st in the morning before we can spend time with anyone else (whether family or foe). I like getting up for my personal devotion and spending time alone with God before anything else because I am a witness to what our dearly sister wrote about Satan changing his plot every day to defeat us. When he defeats us, he cast a snare on Jesus saying ‘don’t you see the law is too hard for Marva to keep’?
      I can remember a few weeks ago I went to work and everything seems ok. Everything started so good that I told myself ‘it was too good to be true’. The morning started quiet but at about 10am, everything started going ‘crazy’. At approx. mid-day I heard a voice saying ‘it is no more a physical battle’. Then I realized I was not only fighting with those situations that presented themselves, but it was a spiritual battle and Satan was in it struggle with me with the situation, but the Holy Spirit can to give he help. I began to pray, and prayed at intervals and would stop to ask Jesus how we were doing in the battle. I was asking him to keep me and not to let frustration get me down because we can easily misrepresent Jesus when things do not go as expected on the job, causing other to cast a bad name on Jesus. The battle continued throughout the shift until I left for the day. (12hrs). I hope Jesus and I was victorious.
      My brethren let us take care of ourselves by (personal devotion, bible study, prayer and fasting etc.), before we try taking care of our family or others because Satan has plans for us.

  3. John 1:17. I dont understand this and other similar verses which talk of the law coming thro/by Moses. Adam sinned before Moses and his laws, so did all people before him. If there was no law before he was given, then the definition used 4 sin in this Quarter is wrong.

    • John I would like to respond to your question about the law. In the SDA Bible Commentary Vol. 1 "Adam and Eve, at their creation, had a knowledge of the law of God. It was printed on their hearts, and they understood its claims upon them.
      The law of God existed before man was created. It was adapted to the condition of holy beings; even angels were governed by it.......The principles of the ten commandments existed before the fall, and were of a character suited to the condition of a holy order of beings. After the fall, the principles of those precepts were not changed, but additional precepts were given to meet man in his fallen state."
      In this book Ellen White also said "When the law was spoken, the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth, stood by the side of His Son, enshrouded in the fire and the smoke on the mount. It was not here that the law was first given; but it was proclaimed, that the children of Israel, whose ideas had become confused in their association with idolaters in Egypt, might be reminded of its terms, and understand what constitutes the true worship of Jehovah."
      I hope these quotations would be helpful.


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