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  1. By living your life with the traits of a steward not only shines God's light on others but builds up your trust in God more... and the more trust you have results with the more content you are with whatever you have and whatever situation you are in.

    God does not forsake His people.


  2. For the first time in a long time I completed reading the week's lessons on Tuesday. Powerful last study on Stewardship. If this whole quarter's lesson did not touch some soft spot in each one of us, then I doubt anything else will. Now on Influence, others are always watching us and our lives influence them through our words, actions, and demeanor. Nothing goes unnoticed, but if we are walking daily in the spirit, we need not fear what the impact of our lives is on others.

    • You are right Joseph. It is no coincidence that Jesus was pretty hard on hypocrisy. If we are going to call ourselves Christian, we must live like Christians, otherwise all our "Jesus talk" is worse than hot air!

  3. We are attracted to light given off by a light bulb, but only if the light bulb continues to be connected to the electrical supply.
    I can only influence others if I have been influence myself. I pray that God may be my constant influence so that I may shine his light to others. May we walk with God like Enoch, Elijah, job & many other examples from scripture.

  4. Influence definition
    the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

    Knowing Him is life eternal.
    Disciples prior to the cross had their own agenda. Judas was trying to influence Jesus to become the king of the Jews.
    Disciples experiencing the cross turned the world upside down for Christ.

    If I have been influenced by Jesus then I have something tangible to share with others.

  5. We may sometimes receive compliments from people surrounding us that we not even expect. And that may be a kind of measure of our examples. But only God knows for real what's inside the heart! He knows our strugles, our fight to defeat ego! Yes it is good to be praised by others, but better yet is to be blessed by God! Our actions may always be legitimately correct, but God is the One who makes them flourish! Perhaps if we knew we were always right we would need no God! Our real fight is against self!

  6. Jesus the light of the world, so we walk in the light. This is a famous song that tells the truth about the source of the light and that can only come from God. We are like a mirror that can only reflect God's light, so we have to make sure that if our mirror is not clean, it is hard to reflect the light of God, so we have to keep the light clean in very moment of our life. This is how we reflect the light of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    • If Jesus (Light) is in us, then the light comes from within us because Jesus (Light) is in us shining through our faces and words and actions. He cleans us and makes us like Him. He motivates us with His thoughts and feelings. We are His mouth, hands, and feet "on Earth as it is in Heaven."

      We must give Him permission at every point in our lives if we want Him to be our motivation throughout our lives.

  7. As Christians filled with the light of Christ, our actions should reflect our faith. We should live a life that reflect God's goodness to others. In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Mathew 5:15,16, He stresses this truth that we should let our light shine before men since the purpose of light is to illuminate and expose what is there. Therefore light must be exposed, for it is of no use – if it is hidden under a basket. But we must obtain the light first to be able to show it.

    A good Steward should not move with the crowd by letting his light to be deem or hiding it. Remember that if your actions are above reproach, even hostile people will end up praising GOD.
    Finally I thank the Lesson writers of this quarter, it was powerful and was like an eye opener that has explained the Stewardship topic very clear. May the name of the LORD be praised. AMEN.

  8. I like how Daniel 3 and 6 illustrate today's lesson. In both cases, these faithful men were called "servants", and in 6; "whom thou servest continually". No wonder God sent those youth to Babylon as lights among the heathen, where they were compelled to forfeit their very lives in order to remain faithful stewards. And whether or not God intervened to save, they were content.


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