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Young Adults will doubtless find many of our Adult resources useful, but the ones below are specifically produced for/by the Young Adult and Collegiate members of the church.

  • Contemporary Comments Weekly commentary, often tied to a current national or world event, is also available as a podcast subscription or online listening, usually available Fridays.
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Collegiate/Young Adult — 12 Comments

    • Go the CQ site (link at top of page), click on Lessons, then the lessons for this quarter (Oct – Dec Lessons) in the left sidebar. Then you caqn choose the appropriate version and download it as a PDF file.

  1. The lessons are precise and easy to understand especially for the young Christians. May God bless us all. Here in Kenya, the lessons are not sufficient, kindly supply them in bulk so that we can spread the gospel before the second advent. the work that you are doing is amazing.

  2. Sabbath school lessons are heart of the church. I am getting more interested in Sabbath school lessons than divine service. I would like learn more thank you.

  3. it is my joy and pleasure to share such good messages online with my brothers elsewhere outside church. may god bless us abundantly

  4. I am so bless by the lessons each week. I thank God for what He is doing through His word. Young people its a wonderful blessing to study the word and stay connected to the source of all power. Bless up!!

  5. thank you guys for the inspiring lessons and comments. How can i access the cornerstone lessons.

  6. It is a blessing to have such wonderful Sabbath discussions through the lessons provided. It has enabled me to have the confidence of discussing the 'WORD' boldly. Now my Christianity is with Christ since i am discipling. May our good Lord sorround us with His power to complete the task of preparing the harvest.

  7. lesson discussion is the backbone of the church! miss it , you miss everything for the holy day. l m lesson teacher and l sung to people about the lesson ;let each person buy lesson to know blessed all.


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