Further Study: Corporate Evangelism and Witnessing


Setting Realistic Evangelism Goals Both as a church and as a smaller ministry team, we must make sure that any witnessing and evangelistic goals are realistic. The following are some key areas to consider. Affordable. Finances play a big part in many church strategies today. Consider the costs of advertising, transportation, resources, postage, venue hire, refreshments, … [Click to read more …]

For the Band

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Have you ever been part of a team? Maybe it wasn’t a sports team; maybe it wasn’t even called a ‘team.’ Maybe it was just a group of people all working towards the same goal. I can’t say I was ever part of a sports team, but I was a member of my high school … [Click to read more …]

Role of the Church

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Sometimes in our efforts to express the importance of conversion, or “being saved” we underestimate the role of the church. While we all understand that being joined to the church does not save us, it is or should be instrumental in us maintaining the saving relationship with Jesus. We are social creatures and we need … [Click to read more …]

Monday: Planning Together

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Often, when it comes to the planning of witnessing and evangelism goals and strategies, only a very few people are involved. Then when plans have been decided, those few people set about the task of trying to get others involved in the implementation stages. It is much better to get a larger group involved right … [Click to read more …]