Tuesday: Praying Together

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Although Jesus often spent time alone in prayer, there were multiple occasions when He encouraged His closest disciples to pray with Him. Peter, James, and John accompanied Jesus to the mount of transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-2). He urged them to unite with Him in praying in Gethsemane (Luke 22:39-46). There is unusual power in united prayer. Carefully analyze Matthew 18:19-20. … [Click to read more …]

Monday: Jesus’ Prayer Life

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Compare the following texts: Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, 9:18. What three specific things do these passages reveal about Jesus’ prayer life? “Christ was continually receiving from the Father, that he might communicate to us. ‘The word which ye hear,’ he said, ‘is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.’ ‘The Son of Man came not to be ministered … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: Prayer and Revival in Acts

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The believers in Acts were filled with power from on high. The Holy Spirit was poured out in a marked way. Hearts were touched, lives changed. The gospel penetrated the most difficult places, and thousands were converted. In Acts 2, three thousand were added to the church (Acts 2:41). Acts 4:4 records that the number of men alone who … [Click to read more …]

Further Study: Revival: Our Great Need


“A revival and a reformation must take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit. Revival and reformation are two different things. Revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life, a quickening of the powers of mind and heart, a resurrection from the spiritual death. Reformation signifies a reorganization, a change in ideas and theories, habits … [Click to read more …]

Thursday: A Relentless Love

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Compare Revelation 3:20 to Song of Solomon 5:2-5. What similarities do you find in both instances? What do these passages reveal about God’s love? The evening meal in the Middle East was and still is extremely important. When the work of the day was over and the men returned from the fields for the evening meal, the entire … [Click to read more …]

Wednesday: The Divine Remedy

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There is hope for Laodicea, just as there is hope for all who are afflicted with spiritual apathy and in-difference. Our Lord has the divine remedy. The fact that the Lord speaks to this church shows that hope for the church exists if His people accept and follow His counsel . Reflect on Jesus’ counsel in Revelation … [Click to read more …]

01: Our Great Need – Teaching Plan
Michael Fracker

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Key Thought : Laodicea is the church of self-confident, complacent, and indifferent people. Christ offers to meet the needs of their hearts and revive their spiritual longings. [Lesson plan for Our Great Need July 1, 2013] 1. Have a volunteer read Revelation 3:15,16. A. Ask class members to share a short thought on what the … [Click to read more …]