Selling on Amazon

If you have a product to sell, Amazon might just be able to boost your sales significantly. We are not selling on Amazon, so we have no personal experience to share. But here are some links to help you:

Sell on (US)

Sell on

( is used not only in the UK but also in some of the former Commonwealth countries.)

Sell on (Canada)

We’re not sure whether your using those links will generate any advertising fees for Sabbath School Net, but you never know …

One thing we do know is that it is very important to put up clear quality images and complete descriptions. Include measurements, even for books. (There’s a difference between a family Bible and a pocket-size Bible.)

And when everything looks attractive, make sure that the listing will immediately have two or three reviews, preferably 5-star ones. These should be detailed enough to be helpful, not just “I love Xxx.” Verified purchase reviews are best, but even others are helpful.

Remember that advertising on Amazon will put your products before more people more quickly than you can likely manage in any other way. And Amazon is getting more popular every day, probably because of its excellent customer service reputation. Having orders “Fulfilled by Amazon” generally adds a confidence factor. (Click on the link for details.)


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