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This Bible study plan uses the English translations made available at the Bible Gateway.

The organization of this Plan:

There are 929 chapters from the Old Testament and 260 chapters from the New Testament, so please expect to read more from the Old Testament than the New. The first month is devoted to Genesis and Exodus. The last month is largely devoted to the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation. You will read from the Psalms every tenth day. The New Testament starts in the second month, and generally there will be one NT chapter per day.




KJV Bible Reading Plan Index — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for such an educational and informative Bible study plan. It helps us to really treasure the word of the Lord and discover for ourselves the truth that is in it. It is indeed the treasure from the treasure house of Heaven.

  2. God is soon coming to take only those who are ready for him, preparation in His words is vital. Need to meet Him at the sea of glass.

  3. I just started to read the Bible through my phone. Where or what book should I start? Should it be the Genesis? Please help me. 🙂

    • Dear Jeelah,

      We have Bible Reading plans to help you read the Bible through without getting stuck in any one place. If you're fairly familiar with the Bible, you could just start with today's date and keep reading.

      But if you've never read much in the Bible, we suggest you start with the New Testament, perhaps Mark, followed by Luke and Acts (written by the same author). Then you could skip back to Matthew and John, followed by some of Paul's letters, keeping in mind what you read before.

      After that, you could go to one of the Bible Reading plans.

      I also recommend "The Bible App" called the "You Version" when you open it up. It includes some good Bible Reading plans.

  4. Its time for Adventists to study our Bible.The Bible is full of everthing but people are bussy with their daily activities hence they forget to study the Bible.You can find someone is not reading his or her Bible till on Saturday is when he or she find his or har Bible for the purpose of going with it in the Church. Its shame. Let us start a new page by studying our Bible with plans.
    Thanks so much.

    • The plan is really just a list of chapters that you should read every day so that you read the whole Bible in one year. It does not really matter whether you read it from a paper or electronic version. In fact I know someone who has the Bible in audio form and listens to it on the way too and from work. Now that is a good way to use that commute time!


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