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  1. God of the harvest send the workers - the field is big, God help me to use my resources to witness to those who have not not known you. It is good to tell the world about the love of God and live a life of good examples.

  2. This is a reminder to ALL who are called Christians to do God's work. This is through witnessing and evangelism. We can only witness about God when we have a relation with Him.Having relation is spontaneous and we must be ready to be witnesses for Him. Our witnessing should come from our hearts, on what God has done for us while evangelizing should be as a result of the bond that we have built over time with our maker

  3. Jesus is the Greatest techer, and we His disciples. Though there are those who are gifted or talented to do God's work without trainning and much guidance,a good number of us need it to present God's mission as ambassadors wherever we are. I have seen Pastors and leaders of different gifts according to their calling, some of whom went to various levels of training, others through their active evangelism and witnessing ways of life - and God has used them all. Paul was a good teacher an example and inspirer but he always urged others to be strong students of God's word. 2 Tim 3:10-17,4:5
    God bless.


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