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02: From Ears to Feet – Lesson Plan — 2 Comments

  1. "Why did Israel, with all the knowledge they had from God, still choose wrong paths and stray from God continually?”
    1) The knowledge gave them optons, they choose to follow the wrong paths
    2) When they had a good king they followed his example, problem with that was the also followed the bad kings
    3) The real problem was they didn't "love the LORD with all your heart, mind and body" they thought they could get the benefits by doing things while the LORD had invited them to be in relationship with Him.

  2. "Why did Israel...?" Why do we with greater knowledge stray from God at all? It is one thing to have information, but another thing entirely to have a pure heart, to hate all sin and completely love righteousness. What they needed and what we need are the same, to be converted, to be born again, to receive the grace of God for repentance and joyful obedience.


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