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  1. The Lord is really coming soon... i can see the signs everywhere. all we need to do is evangelise and witness, lets work together with God to bring His sheeps in the house.

  2. if there is something lacking amongst us is the spirit of evangelism.i wish we had the evangelic sprit of the watchtower,the love of the catholics,the faith of the pentecostal and the reverance the new apostles combined with the truth that we have that these other churches lack.WE AS A PEOPLE HAVE FORGOTEN OR ARE DELIBERATELY IGNORING OUR RESPONSIBILITY AND THE VERY ESSENCE OF OUR EXISTENCE-EVANGELISING JESUS CHRIST;WARNING THE MASSES OF HIS SOON COMING.SHAME ON US.THE HEAVENS ARE DISAPPOINTED.

    • Seems to me that if "we have forgotten," we should praise God for this quarters lessons to help us remember. 🙂

      In the end, it is an individual matter. We make up "the church." We cannot blame "the church." The way to change "the church" is to change our behavior -- beginning with me. 🙂


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