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  1. We should be able to explain how God creation is to our children who are being taught evolution in schools for them to understand better lest they perish!

  2. Monday's comment,"...each species seems to have been endowed with the possibility of producing a great variety of individuals..." seems to clash with the statement, "There is no single ancestor of all land animals, God instead created many distinct and separate lineages." Could someone please bridge the gap for me? I understand the change due to sin's curse, but not how one species produces many... Also, what is the definition of "wild animals?" I thought animals were tame until after sin.

    • Each "kind" of animal produces after its own "kind" - but with the potential to produce a lot of variety within that particular "kind" of gene pool - like various kinds of dogs and cats, for example, where there are many different sizes and shapes and colors, but they are all still dogs and cats.

      What the Bible claims, however, is that there are distinct limits beyond which phenotypic or morphologic changes cannot extend. A dog will always produce other dogs. A dog will never give rise to a cat or a bird or any other basic "kind" of living thing.

      Hope this helps.

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    • Jeri,

      God did not create 10,000 breeds of dogs and fill the Garden of Eden with 10's of millions of different breeds of dogs, cats, monkeys, etc. He created a master race of dogs (one male, one female), cats (one male, one female), monkeys (one male, one female), etc.

      Adam and Eve were not cavorting around the garden beating their chests while shouting "oongawa!" They were created with sufficient knowledge and wisdom to tend to the garden and take care of the animals. After sin came into the picture, man began manipulating the genetic codes of the animals and ended up creating a variety of species including the dinosaurs.

      When God flooded the earth, He destroyed many of the manipulated species which man had created, but kept the basic blue prints alive in the Ark.

      After the flood, mankind once again started toying with the genetic codes of the animals and we now have the species that we see everyday. God did not make Pitbulls; mankind, under the sway of Lucifer, did this!

  3. As Christians we should rest as god rested on the sabbath day, so that we can be able to show the world that our rest was initiated by God Himself even before creation.


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