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  1. I am very delighted to come across this site. i've learned a lot in making the lesson a reality. May God richly bless you.

  2. I am very thankful for the resources provided...it definitely helps me to learn, be better prepared and have more than one hour of teaching materials. I just wonder why the quarterly covers so much in one week because so many people don't study it in depth and we can not possibly cover everything in 30 minutes of discussion. I encourage everyone to come to this website for deeper study. Thanks again to all who contribute and share.

    • Dear Carol,

      Rather than attempting to "cover the lesson" as a teacher in Sabbath School, I suggest this three-fold approach:
      1. Prayerfully study the lesson for yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to apply it in your own life. This can include interacting with others on this site.
      2. Prayerfully study the lesson again with an eye towards picking out the one overarching principle that is most important for the members of your class, as you understand it. Re-arrange the points in the lesson, if necessary, so they all come together under that one principle. It is better to teach one point well than to touch on many points that leave no distinct impression. This should include practical applications in everyday life.
      3. Prayerfully devise a list of questions to lead your class to the conclusions you reached in point 2. You may be able to find some helpful discussion questions in the weekly Thought Starters provided by Joyce Griffith. But use only those questions that fit in with your overall outline. Joyce's questions are meant to be a resource, not to be used as a lesson outline in themselves.

      All along the way, pray for the wisdom God has promised. While you are actually teaching, allow the Spirit to lead you in ways you may not have anticipated, but do not allow the discussion to veer off on unimportant points.

      The idea is to lead the class to conclusions of their own. These conclusions will affect their daily lives. By contrast, if you just tell them your conclusions or the points in the lesson, the class session will make little impact on their lives. They may even argue with you and strengthen their own position in opposition to your conclusions or the points in the lesson.

      This approach will take practice to perfect, but your students will be interested and look forward to each week's study. And the study will make a difference in their lives. I can say this confidently from my own experience. 🙂


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