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05: Growing in Christ – Thought Starters — 4 Comments

  1. We thank God for grace and the minstry that you are doing. We wil be praying for you and the church at large.

    Thank you.

    Best regards.

  2. Hi Joyce. I have a question for you concerning a comment you made in #4 about hurrican Sandy and the possibility that this was caused by satan. I have read somewhere in the SOP that satan has powers to create these kinds of disasters. Or that he will create them more and more toward the closing of time.

    Also: I love your thoughts questions. I would like to hear your answers as well. I need them. It would be awesome to see the answers and the texts that support them. I could use them in my studies with my non adventist students.

    Thank you and God bless ya!

    • I write my questions as thought starters and, hopefully, discussion rousers! Sometimes I write a question that has many answers, or none. So I don't have the "correct" answers and proof for them somewhere. I ask the questions because I believe they raise important issues for us Bible-believing Christians.


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