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09: Christ, the Law and the Gospel – Thought Starters — 5 Comments

  1. We are so like Israel it scares me. Currently, SDA Church members in five Pacific Island nations officially observe Sunday as the Sabbath when the Bible teaches that Saturday is the Sabbath. (See Sabbath Issues)

      • I just don't understand why in some other parts of the world could be a seventh day Adventist church that deliberately worship on Sunday. Who else knows about this? Please could someone out there assist us to understand how and why........?

  2. Briefly, the Pacific Islands involved in Sunday worship lie just to the east of the 180th meridian and have decided to have their time zones aligned with nations such as Australia and NZ to the west of the 180th meridian. The history of decisions by Adventists about which day to keep close to the so-called "international date line" (IDL) is long and complex and some of it has been based on misunderstandings. Suffice it to say that in these island nations we have groups of Adventists who worship on Saturday and others who worship on Sunday. The official church position in the South Pacific Division is that they should worship on Sunday because the decision by the government to align their time zones with Australia and NZ is a man made one. (I personally believe the Church's position is not right) Clearly this issue could only occur along the IDL. One needs to remember that the IDL is not an internationally recognised agreement but simply a line drawn on maps by cartographers reflecting the time zone decisions of those nations near the 180th meridian.

    The story is quite involved and as one who has friends on both sides of the argument, I pray that a resolution will be found. It is not easy to resolve. One must remember that thinking people on both sides of this discussion have come to their respective points of view after much prayer and reasoning. It is now time for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of folk to heal the rift that has developed.

    If you would like to know more about the issue follow the link at the end of John Wallace's comment above.


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