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  1. The Gospel has never been about avoiding hell, but rather about bringing the Kingdom to earth. Why not? Isn't avoiding hell and entering the Kingdom simply two sides of the same coin? While Jesus did preach on entering the Kingdom of Heaven, He also said He came to seek and SAVE the LOST (Luke 19:10, emphasis mine), and that UNLESS WE REPENT, we will PERISH (Luke 13:3,5; emphasis mine).

    In my evangelism experience, so many people think they're on their way to heaven because they've basically lived a good life. They don't realize they're on their way to being eternally lost because they've trusted in their own self-righteousness instead of Christ's. We know that this way of thinking is very common among church-goers as well. This is where it's valuable to talk about the law, for then when we share the Gospel message, we pray that they realize it is their only hope.

    Of course, if we witness to them and they already realize their hopelessness, we don't beat them over the brow about how bad they are. Once again, in all this, we are to share it with gentleness and respect. If they feel confronted, let it be because the message of Christ is confronting them, and not your demeanor. Of course, nobody likes to be confronted about their sin, but it's necessary for us to be conscious of our need for Jesus.


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