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  1. Praise God for His salvific word!

    I will remember to remain in humble awe, while considering the love and patience of my Heavenly Father towards Moses in the wilderness, as well as to us today.
    Deuteronomy 9: 6,7; 4: 40

    I will remember that I was once purged from my sins, and presented pure and clean before My Father.
    2Peter 1: 1-12

    I will remember to make a U-turn, to return to obedience to God's word. I will rise and live in order to magnify My Lord, My God and My Saviour.
    Ephesians 2: 1-7

    I will remember that I can be used by God, despite my imperfection.
    Deut. 5: 15; 6: 11, 12; 15: 25

    I will remember to compare myself only to the Lord, who is my Love and my Life: He is The Way, The Truth and The Light.
    2Cor. 10:12; John 14: 6

    I will remember from whence God brought me.
    Philippians 2

    I will Remember to esteem others as God would - more highly than myself.
    Ephesians 2: 8-13

    I will remember to teach my children, the next generation, of God's mercies in my life, so that they, too, remember: He chases them, as well.
    Galatians 6: 10

    I will remember: With Him, I will not grow weary or give up.
    Deut. 4: 9, 23; Prov 26: (11)

    I will remember to continue to walk in the way of Him on whom I can depend: Do what He says ...so the generations can see my clear witness in Him.
    Deut. 8: 5-16, 18

    I will Remember that God is able to deliver when we seek Him with all our hearts!
    *Jeremiah 29: 11-14*

    Jesus never fails.
    Praise Him!!!


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