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11: Managing in Tough Times – Singing with Inspiration — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for all these. I find what stays with me the most during the week is music - hymns that I whistle (my singing is only a joyful noise) and sing “in my head” all throughout the week.

    I like having new ones to think on, every week.

    • It is good to hear that you enjoy music. Blessings to you as you sing and whistle the hymns for the week. We do the same, also.

  2. Lovely choice of hymns. Are there any other songs that reflect the diverse church that we are, not just hymns of European origin?

    • Hi, Den.

      Lovely to hear from you. The hymns chosen come from the SDA Church Hymnal as this is a world-wide hymnal and has the copyrights that are available to be used. We try to maintain the copyright issues as clearly as is possible, and this is one way of doing it in all countries. I hoped that all countries will have their translation of our hymnal. Apologies if this is not too helpful.

      Blessings to you,


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