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11 Peter on the Great Controversy – Discussion Questions — 3 Comments

  1. Peter betrayed Jesus though he witnessed Jesus doing miracles.In our daily life some of our friends whom we share our secrets can possibly do the same to us. Let us pray to our God to help us to love and protect our friends instead of hutting them after being trusted so much.

  2. Joyce, you have made a good summary!
    in question 6, i can see many of us are Christians believing what we believe, but we do not know why are we believing that. Christians great hope is that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon to take us home. But we are just sitting idle as if nothing is going to happen.we are not happy with the coming of Jesus-because we have invested much in worldly pleasures and materials.We are not doing any effort to make sure that we are living according to God's will; we have totally forgotten our duties and responsibilities as the chosen people of God who brought us from darkness.God is giving us another chance to repent, but we are busy making this earth to be our permanent home.Hurrying Jesus to come is in our mouth but not in our hearts--we are not 1.Studying the word of God 2. Praying to ask for forgiveness and promises of Lord-his soon coming. 3. we are not sharing the good news of His soon coming to our beloved ones. May our God help us---starting with me....

  3. Thinking about the marvelous call of God, let's live as people who are owners together with God. We are in our father's world. What do we have to fear? Satan, scoffers who blindly scorn us, the peers who ungodly influence us, or ourselves who unwillingly surrender to God? We ought to daily make an examination to fix a strong connection with the One Who called, loved, and saved us without our inputs. We all live now and will live and win in this battle just because He lives.


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