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  1. I believe people are so easy to deceive when it comes to the resurrection because we have a bandaide mentality. We want to comfort ourselves during the lost of a loved one and so we send them straight to heaven. Many times I have heard people say God needed angels so he allowed someone to die. We serve a merciful God. Why would he take us to heaven when we first fall asleep just to raise us at His coming? The bible clearly states the dead in Christ shall rise first. Why would God let man live in heaven with Him right after death just to send you back to the grave to rise at the shout of the archangel? And can anyone tell me why would sinful man be able to do something Our Savior who was without sin do? Is the problem we are so deceived by satan that we would rather believe a lie? I want to see Our Lord come in the clouds to claim His children what about you?


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